Wolfbait and B-Girls: A new and trendy boutique

Wolfbait and B-girls has a easy to use website for customers that can explore the website.

Jocelyn Delgado’19

Wolfbait and B-Girls is a predominantly female based shop where items such as art, clothing, and other accessories are affordable as well as trending in society today.This boutique is affordable, trendy, and has exceptional service.

Wolfbait and B-Girls is a small owned business where the talented artists spend their time shopping as well as selling. This small shop is not only a business where they sell items, but they also showcase the works of many talented artists from all around Chicago.

This small, trendy shop has many playful and new styles. Women all around Chicago said to have “loved” the new accessories that have been added to their store. Each item sold at Wolfbait and B-Girls is specially crafted by hand. One of their most popular collections is Sugar and Spice. Their items consist of new and trendy clothes such as winter hats, scarves, skirts, tops, and to top it off, “never before seen” styles of jewelry. Not only is their collection durable and trendy, but it is definitely one of a kind. People are so used to following what the “trends” are and what everyone else is wearing, but at this specific store, there are specialized clothing and styles that are different and unique.

This shop has one of a kind items that are extremely affordable to people. Prices are attracted to the community because everything has been crafted by hand and most of their clothing is under $20, which is generally affordable.

Service here is definitely one of the most impactful parts of a business. Right when you walk in, you are greeted by the workers there. They are respectful and ensure that every person is able to find what they are looking for without a problem.   I would recommend going to shop here because many people are now looking for specific styles that this shop has to offer. Not only that, but Wolfbait and B-girls has an easy to use website for customers. It is also somewhat near Pritzker, so this makes it easier for any Pritzker student to stop by and check this store out.



  • Address: 3131 W. Logan Blvd. Chicago, Illinois 60647
  • Phone: 312-698-8685
  • Hours: Monday–Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.