Wndr Museum: An imaginative place

The neon wndr sign with flower decoration under it.

By Anabel Arevalo ’21

Wndr is an organized and playful museum based on art and science. When you first enter the museum, you can right away tell how eye-catching the place is going to be. For example, when you first walk in there is a neon sign with its name. This museum has creative rooms, a positive service, and a pricey admission.

The museum is a “Pop-Up” museum meaning that it will be up temporary in Chicago. The rooms themselves are very striking because of the art and science that they contains.

The staff members have a positive vibe and are very polite. For example, when getting there, they give you a handshake or a high five to bring up the mood. That type of greeting might not be a for sure thing. They greet you, guide you in, and will hand you a colorful pamphlet.

The rooms will make you feel like you are in an Instagram paradise. There are many opportunities for you to have a photo shoots or take a burst of photos that are then put into a mini video, known as boomerang shots. There are 19 experiences or exhibits for you to go through. They are not all rooms. For example, there is a chalkboard where you write down what it is that you wonder.

The rooms are not too big. I would say that they are average sized rooms. The rooms do not have a specific time limit except for the Infinity Room. You have two minutes in there with two other people. The Infinity Room is a room filled with mirrors only on the walls. There are oval like mirror balls that hang down from the ceiling. The mirrors give an illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is and that it has more than it does. It can get you pretty dizzy when looking around. My personal favorite is the Color Tunnel. The Color Tunnel is where you are surrounded by vibrant colors. The floor reacts with your steps creating astronomical imagery. It is fascinating when walking around knowing that there are vibrant colors under you.

The price I would say that it is pretty expensive. The admission is $32. Everyone pays the same price except for children that are two and under, who do not need a ticket. For the admission, in general, you have to buy your tickets online and you have to make a reservation when going. Because the ticket is a bit pricey and probably going to be a one time experience I say that take your time when visiting is key.

Although the price is expensive, I do say that the museum is worth it. This is a great, one-time opportunity that people should visit.

  • Located: 1130 W Monroe St Chicago 60607
  • Cost: $32
  • Blue to UIC-Halsted, Green, and Pink to Morgan.
  • The bus arrives at  9: 20 a.m.
  • No refunds

Event Website: Wndr Museum