Without Warning: hard hitting lyrics

This is the album cover for “Without Warning” by 21 Savage. Photo Credit: Luis Roldan

By Luis Roldan ’20

This album brings many new things to rap. This album has hard hitting lyrics, a unique sound, and a collaboration we’ve been waiting for.

The album by 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro boomin speaks true to their life and their roots. It mentions their struggles, and how far they have come in life as rappers.

The lyrics of this album show what life was like for someone like 21 Savage who got out of a dangerous neighborhood through rap. He mentions the gangs and the crimes that were  committed around him. A lot of these types of lyrics were in the song “Nightmare.” Its seems like he wants his audience to know that even though, he isn’t in the hood and surrounded by all the gang violence, he still has the same morals and attitude.

I would say his lyrics are very similar to his other albums, but he mentions other things like drug addiction and struggles, which I think is a nice change for 21.

The sound they created with the beat and chorus made a nice unique sound.  They are very similar and have gone through similar experiences which makes this so cool to listen to. They mention gang violence and common struggles, which makes the beat match so well with the rhythm. The similarities make the sound come natural through the lyrics. I really enjoyed their own things they bring to each of their own songs.

This collaboration is so underrated. They all create songs very similar. The things they do to their songs, they brought to this album. It’s like if someone usually raps with autotune then they rap on autotune on someone’s album. Since they’re all very similar, it’s confusing on how they haven’t done this a long time ago. Their ad libs are used in the same way as well as their beats.

Some people would say Offset and 21 aren’t a good mix but I would disagree and say their really good because Offset comes in to finish 21’s thoughts that maybe a character like 21 wouldn’t usually mention in one of his songs. 21 says the hard hitting lyrics that Offset usually wouldn’t say. Offset says the lighter soft hitting lyrics about drugs and easier things to talk about. Offset produces more hype type of songs and 21 produces more of those real, gang related type of songs you wouldn’t have a happy fun time listening to. This is what makes this duo so predictable. People who feature in articles shouldn’t be just a like the artist’s album or it’s not gonna sound nice.

  • 10 songs
  • Label: Epic/Sony Records
  • Hip-Hop
  • Release date: October 31, 2017
  • 5.99$