Winter Wonderfest: A beautiful scenery

My admission ticket of the Winter WonderFest.

By David Mondragon ’21

The Winter Wonderfest is simply the most amazing thing that the human eye could see. Once you enter, it is impossible for you to want to leave since the fest has a beautiful scenery, intriguing activities, and cheap price.

As soon as you enter, you have this sense of happiness hit you. The lights and the snow just make it perfect. No matter your age you are promised to leave enjoying the time you have spent there. At the center of the fest there is a huge standing tree that is perfectly decorated. The lights all over it make it shine like nothing else around it. Just know that if you attend you will not be disappointed.

Not only is the scenery one of a kind but there are so many fun things that you can do. There is a variety of activities that anyone is able to enjoy. A variety from Alpine slide, arctic express train ride, arctic plunge, and many more activities. But don’t just take my word for it, go ahead and try it out for yourself. All these activities are part of the admission ticket. There’s a lot you can do for a budgeted price.

The general admission ticket is just twenty dollars, which is simply a bargain taking into account all the activities included. Kids and senior tickets are ten dollars. The admission tickets are too cheap to miss out. It is worth more than the price given.

Many might say it is like a normal fest but what makes this special is the winter theme that makes this amazing. It is so hard to forget an event this marvelous.

  • All attractions are subject to early line closures to allow waiting guests to participate.
  • Attractions may be substituted without prior notice.
  • Specific dates to attend may be required.