“Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe”: Refreshing, reasonable, and delicious way to enjoy your breakfast

WIldberry Cafe has a wide selection of breakfast items. Photo Credit: Jocelyn Delgado

Jocelyn Delgado’19

“Wildberry Pancakes &  Cafe” is a small owned breakfast and brunch restaurant appropriate for all occasions. The closest location to Pritzker would be in downtown on Pearson Street, but it is definitely worth the trip. This cafe is reasonably priced, modernly decorated, and has an amazing selection of breakfast options.

To start off, the decor the cafe is very inviting and modern. The colors of the walls are a soft creme color with pops of color everywhere. There are soft, maple color, hardwood floors, with a touch of shine. Windows surround the entire room, bringing a subtle natural lighting. The overall seating area is big compared to other restaurants like “Cozy Corner” or “The Blossom Cafe”. To top it all off, the restaurant is always clean. Usually, there are some restaurants that have sticky tables or table contents. However, at Wildberry everything is always clean.

The customer service is exceptional. They greet you automatically as you walk in. They are always checking up on you to make sure you have everything that you need.

The selection on dishes is numerous. Sometimes, we tend to go with a traditional plate of what we know, but Wildberry has so many options that you just cannot refuse to try something new. The nutella banana crepes are most definitely an amazing selection. The sweetness is evenly balanced alongwith the nutella and banana flavor. And for those who do not prefer nutella or bananas, no need to worry. You can create your own toppings, which is one of the best things to have when deciding.

Pricing is a little expensive, but very reasonable. Each dish ranges from $8 and up depending on what you get. It is all worth it.

Wildberry is, as some call it, “amazing” and “enjoyable”. The waiting list could be long sometimes, but it is definitely worth the wait. You are almost never disappointed with the service and food.

Going to this cafe is an amazing experience. For any occasion, it is a great way to spend time with family and to be able to meet with friend, going on a date, or even by yourself for brunch.

  • Address:196 E. Pearson Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611
  • Number:312-470-0590
  • Hours:Daily: 6:30 am—2:30 pm