“Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe”: A Fancy spin on Pancakes

Photo Credit: Jennifer Segura A picture of the blueberry danish pancakes and the strawberry colada at Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe.

By Jennifer Segura ’20

Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe is a restaurant located in downtown. Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe has a fancy look, delicious food, and it is a great start towards exploring the city.

When we got there, there were two side entrances and one revolving door. The inside was spacious and had nice decor. Once inside, the air conditioner blasted cold air. We were greeted at the front desk, and a server soon came to take us to our table. 

We had to option to take a seat on the inside or outside. We decided to sit outside. We sat down on the first table and right away water was brought to us. While we decided what to order, the server kept checking up on us to see if we needed anything. I could see flowers behind us and the city. I enjoyed this experience because we were eating out in the open while being in downtown.

I ordered the blueberry danish pancakes with a side of fries and a strawberry colada. My order of pancakes came with five huge pancakes. I ended up eating only one because I got full fast. The pancakes were topped with blueberries, almond streusel, blueberry syrup, and a cream cheese filling. I did not put syrup or butter in my pancakes because the pancakes were perfect. If I had ordered plain pancakes just with a fruit, I would have added butter and maybe some syrup. The fries were crunchy, which I enjoyed. The thing I liked most was the strawberry colada. It tasted like a pina colada, but it was strawberry flavored. I will definitely be going back for the strawberry colada and to try other food from the menu.

Wildberry is very close to Millenium Park, across the street. You can go hang out by the bean, walk the riverwalk, or you can also go to stores surrounding it.  

If you are downtown and are looking for something to do or somewhere to eat, I do recommend Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe. The pancakes were delicious, I enjoyed my fries, and the strawberry colada was amazing. 

  • 130 E. Randolph St. 
  • 312-938-9777
  • Opened daily
  • 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.