Why the IB Program is ending

By Alondra Del Toro ’22

For the next school year, the  IB Program will no longer be available for rising juniors due to limited space, time, and resources. 

IB classes are college-level and are done during a student’s junior and senior year, then at the end of senior year, IB seniors “take an exam […] that could get you college credit depending on how you do,” stated Samantha Corvino, the coordinator of IB. 

A letter was sent out to parents on Feb. 5 telling parents that even though the IB Program has offered great opportunities for the 70 students that joined each year, it limited the other students to opportunities that they could be receiving as well. In order for students to get equal opportunities, IB will be dropped while more AP classes will be given that will give more students to receive greater opportunities. 

Corvino went on to explain that she believes this change would have a positive impact on future students because they would still have other college-level classes “in the form of AP classes.” 

A senior, Emily Pereznegron agreed and supported the canceling of the IB Program, “I think the IB Program is amazing, but it just doesn’t fit Pritzker as a school. We have such limited space, time, and resources that it makes it hard to adapt.” 

Corvino continued to mention the pros of taking out the IB program are that “we have more students who are actually able to take more college-level classes.” Another pro Corvino mentioned was that when you take “IB all your classes have to be college-level, and some people might be stronger in math and science or some people might be stronger in their humanities,” so instead of having all your classes be college-level, students will only have those specific AP classes that fit their needs.

There are still those who believe that in canceling this program, future students have missed the opportunity for this IB Program. Pereznegron went on to state that, although she agrees with the canceling, she still believes it will “be a missed opportunity for future students success because IB classes are the closest to college-related classes at Pritzker.” 

Ericka Taboada stated, a sophomore, stated her opinion on the new change,  “I feel saddened because I really wanted to have the opportunity to know what the program was about and experience college-level classes.” Other classes like AP are also college-level and will be given to students in an even greater amount so students will still be receiving that college-level experience. 

The 70 or so juniors that are still currently in the IB Program will be the last to experience these college-level classes. As for future students, they will be given a greater opportunity to take college-level classes of their choice.