Why bring water bottles when you have water fountains?

Why bring water bottles when you have water fountains?

By Guadalupe Flores ’20

During school days, students bring their own water bottles. The pressing question is: why if you have water fountains that are accessible during passing periods or breaks? Is there really a reason to bring one?

Dulce Gutierrez, a sophomore, stated, “I bring water bottles because I feel like I know what I am drinking. Also, because I do not like the water from school. ”

Iyana Lopez, a sophomore, also brings water every day. She always has a water bottle with her in each class, and does not go anywhere without it.

But what made them bring water bottles? Do they have a specific reason why? Lopez explained that the reason she brought water in the first place was that she wanted to drink more water to be healthy and because she doesn’t like how the school fountain water tastes.

Well, both students can agree that the fountain water does not taste as well as bottled water, which is why they chose not to drink from it.

In terms of convenience and accessibility, Lopez stated, “I do not like to walk all the way to the end of the hallway to drink water. It’s just convenient and easier for me to have on me.”Gutierrez said something along those lines: “I mostly bring a water bottle to class because if I need to drink water I do not have to tell the teacher I can just drink it in that class.”

Lopez believes that it is necessary for her to bring her own water, so she can drink it in class instead of waiting when class is over.

Dulce Zagal, also a sophomore, agrees with Lopez,  stating it would be easier for her to have a water bottle because a water fountain is “not always available when we need it.”

Even though, Zagal agrees with Lopez and Gutierrez, she does not bring a water bottle to school, and instead uses the water fountains during breaks. Zagal stated that “I don’t bring water to school because I don’t drink as much water in school than I do at home.”

Apparently, it all depends on personal inclinement and motive. Students who prefer bottled water in school or need it choose to have it. Some do not bring water because they do not see the point if there are water fountains. However, it is not necessary, but it is an option. It is all opinion based, but we should not forget to stay hydrated in school and at home to be healthy.

Also, we as students have a choice to bring water without any permission or say needed from the school, as long as it follows the schools clear-bottle policy.