Who is Xavier Cuevas?

By Kayla LaSalle ’21

You may be wondering who he is, and others may already know him. But if you do not know who he is, you’ll learn all about him here. 

Xavier Cuevas is a sixteen-year-old junior in Benjamin Groch’s and Joshua Sosa’s advisory. Also known as the “GROSA” advisory. Cuevas may appear to be a typical Pritzker student walking passed you in the hallway. Cuevas spends most of his time in practice for the Pritzker Boys’ Baseball team, playing video games and keeping up with school work. However, when he is not doing any of those activities, he is with his cousins. 

Cuevas usually goes home to take a nap, heads to practice, goes back home to do homework and eats dinner. He ends his day playing a few video games. He manages to get all his tasks done in the short period of time he has (from the time he gets out of school to the time he has to go to bed).

Cuevas also tries to get enough sleep every night so he can function properly at school. But, he believes he must remain passionate about his interests that he would eventually like to pursue as a career.

Cuevas explained that he is interested in a career that relates to video games, which is the reason he plays them quite often. Cuevas has recently been participating in a tournament for the video game “Fortnite.” 

He stated that “[his] cousin and [him] plan to take gaming far by winning the tournaments and placing their winning money back into the game.” 

“He is questionable and bright,” stated Aracely Salgado, a student at ITW David Speer who is Cuevas’ cousin. She also stated, “Growing up [Cuevas] was always the funniest person to be around. We taught each other so much.” 

Salgado also mentioned that academically, she always thought Cuevas and her would be head-to-head or she would be a tad bit above him. This year, she stated, Cuevas proved he had everything in him. 

Cuevas admits to struggling from time to time within the past couple of years, but this year, he realized he needed to push himself even more. His reason for this was that he had to take the SAT and think about college. Cuevas is planning on going to Michigan for college.  

Cuevas said he has been with the same group of people the past three years of being at Pritzker. He looks forward to his last year but also knows he will miss being with the people he has made memories with. 

Cuevas has not been in Honors or AP courses. He says he likes the classes he has had because he understands what he is doing. He likes a certain pace that keeps him as comfortable as possible.