What you didn’t know about Julia Levit

Julia Levit

By Hector Lopez ‘19

Julia Levit is a tenth grade learning specialist and ELL coordinator. Levit has lived in the Chicago area her entire life. She has also been part of the Pritzker family for five years.

Levit spoke about some of the things she likes to do in her free time. Levit states, “I enjoy working out, reading, watching tv and going to the movies.”  She also enjoys hanging out with her friends, traveling and spending time with her cats (Ernie and Bert).

Levit attended Glenbrook North High School, and she also was a teacher there when Kaedi Young, sophomore learning specialist,  was a student there. Levit attended DePaul University where she received her B.A in Secondary Education with a concentration in English.

Levit explained her joy in working at Pritzker. She explained, “I love to work at Pritzker because I love the students. They are very respectful.  I also like the parents because they are very supportive, and I also like the people I work with. They’re really great people, and I enjoy working with them.” Levit is really proud to work at Pritzker College Prep because she feels like she’s valued and feels like she makes a difference in some of the students’ lives. Levit also worked as a teacher’s assistant in special education for several years, which was where she found her love for students.

Luis Verdin, sophomore, gave his perspective on her, saying, “she’s great as a teacher and as a person. She’s a person that I can trust, and I can talk to about anything. She has helped me out a lot, and I know that if I ever need her,  she will be there for me”

Also, Veronica Martinez, a sophomore, had some things to say about her, such as, “she has been a great teacher. I have learned so much from her. She is a really good person, and she is always willing to help me out if I ever need anything.  I really enjoy having her as a teacher because she is a great person and whenever I need help with something she’s always there to help me out”