What you didn’t know about Andrew Wetmore

Baseball team carrying Mr. Wetmore. Photo credit: Andrew Wetmore

By Erica Jaramillo ’17 and Antonio Lopez ’17


Andrew Wetmore, PE teacher, advisor, and as well as both a boys’ baseball and boys’ basketball coach is preparing his players for the upcoming season. Wetmore is now teaching his second year as a PE teacher here at Pritzker.

Wetmore was asked what it was like to be the coach of multiple sports, and he stated, “I love being a coach for more than one sport. It is very demanding, taking up much more time than most people would anticipate, but it is also extremely rewarding to see our student-athletes get to do what they love to do on the field/court.” Wetmore expressed his excitement for being able to coach two different sports.

Before becoming a PE teacher, Wetmore had other things in mind. He explained  that he had gone to Penn State thinking he was going to be a history teacher, but when he found his way to Pritzker, his plans changed. “After one year as a teacher at large, I was approached about the possibility of becoming part of the PE team, at which point I jumped at the chance — it was a unique challenge that I just couldn’t turn down. “

Wetmore was asked if he had any inspirational coaches along his athlete life. He named four coaches, Mr. Gyles, who believed in his abilities as a player, Coach Ruane, who helped him develop his leadership skills as a player-coach, Mr. Burge, for all the baseball knowledge he taught him, and lastly, Emily  Driessen. “Watching her as a head coach for the past three years has given me valuable lessons and insights into what it takes to be a coach and mentor.”

Wetmore also spoke about an inspirational quote he told his advisory boys. “You either get better or you get worse, but you never stay the same.” Wetmore said former football coach at Penn State, Joe Paterno, used to tell his team this all the time.

Wetmore helped Pritzker’s boys’ basketball team win the Noble championship for baseball last year. This year, Wetmore will be looking to repeat those great accomplishments and if possible, he will do even better.