What to expect when listening to “The Vanished”

What to expect when listening to “The Vanished”

By Adamaris Reyes ’19

Listening to a podcast can sometimes get a little boring, and finding the right podcast to listen to can sometimes be a challenge. While there are informative and funny podcast out there, it’s not always easy for someone to keep listening to the same podcast. However, upon my journey of finding the best podcast for Pritzker students, I came across a unique podcast that feels like your watching the crime show “48 Hours.” As you keep reading you’ll find that, “The Vanished” has a unique purpose, an effective way to tell the victim’s story, and a skillful ability to keep its viewers listening and intrigued the whole time.

What’s the big idea?

This podcast focuses on telling the story of people that have gone missing for years or even months. Recently though, the host, Marissa Jones, has decided to include stories of people that have gone missing within the last year. She states, “I think that if we get these stories out there sooner, instead of waiting until they’ve gone cold, maybe we can reach someone with a fresh memory.” Someone going missing is a serious issue, and this podcast strives to find listeners who can help the families that are desperately searching for their loved ones.

What will I be listening to?

While you may be listening to a story of a person gone missing, this podcast doesn’t bore you at all. The way the stories are told are through one of the family members of the missing person; as you listen you’ll notice that the person speaking is very detailed when describing the events that took place before and after their loved one went missing. There’s also a light eerie music playing when the  victims story begins to build up, like I said before, you’ll feel like you’re watching a “48 Hours” episode in your cozy living room on a Saturday night. “

“The Vanished” has a long list of different cases, and the one that I decided to listen to was the Devin Bond case. This story focuses on how, “Sixteen-year-old Devin Bond left his home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in the early morning hours of March 31, 2017.” Since then, his whereabouts have remained unknown, and as the podcast reveals there are few clues that pin point to where Devin might have gone and why he decided to leave his loving family behind. His mother explains the last time she saw Devin by stating, “the last night I saw him I said ‘goodnight don’t stay up too late, I love you.’”

Still not convinced?

Although you can’t “watch” the podcast, “The Vanished” does an excellent job at keeping everything suspenseful and entertaining! The emotion and naturality that the stories are told in make the whole podcast more real and sincere. It never feels like the host or the person telling the story is robotically talking, it’s nothing less than a real story that’s trying to reach anyone who can help out.

It’s somewhat difficult to explain how good this podcast is, but I’m confident that if you give it a listen you’ll be interested throughout the whole story and get a chance to learn more about what friends and family members are doing in order to find their missing loved one, who they hope to find and see again.  

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