What students do on their Free Time outside of Pritzker

Photo Credit: Aliyah Sosa. Aliyah's phone with earphones while listening to music on her free time

By Crystal Barrera ’20 and Jennifer Segura ’20

Some students complain about the amount of homework that Pritzker gives them, which according to many students,  affects their ability to have more free time for themselves. What do Pritzker students actually do during their leisure?

According to Leisure Wikipedia, Leisure/free time is defined as “Time spent away from business, work, job hunting, domestic chores, and education, as well as necessary activities such as eating and sleeping” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leisure 1).

Not only would one grade agree that their lack of free time is due to homework since two students, a sophomore, and a junior agreed. According to Aliyah Sosa, a sophomore, “Usually homework takes up my free time because sometimes I end up having no time to myself because of it.” Junior Willianys Vargas stated that her lack of free time is due to “homework, cross country practice, projects, and chores.”

Students only get so much of free time. As stated by Sosa, “On weekdays I usually have one hour of free time.” In contrast, Vargas only has “30 minutes to an hour extra as a result of practice.”

What do these students actually do in their free time? Well, as stated by Vargas, “With the free time I have, I usually work on projects that are due in a couple of days, read, watch Netflix, or talk to friends.” Sosa spends her free time “eating, listening to music on my phone, or just laying down.”

Some students may spend their free time alone or with family. Some students free time can vary from listening to music to working on projects. Vargas said, “I usually spend my free time with my best friends or my family.” Usually, students spend most of their free time as a way to relax because of all the time they spend doing homework during the weekdays. Sosa stated, “Usually I spend my free time on my own as I prefer it like that, so I won’t be bothered by anyone.”

Do students wish they had more free time? According to Vargas, “ I wish I did but at the same time I wouldn’t know what to do with it since I’m used to being busy.” In contrast, Sosa has a different point of view: “I would like more free time because then I wouldn’t be so stressed out about the stuff I have to do.”

Students may have differences in how they spend their free time, who they spend their free time with, and how they want to spend their free time. One thing that most students can agree with is that homework takes away most of their free time and that they do wish they had more free time.

The way students plan or use their free time may also affect how well or how badly they are performing in school. Someone who is constantly doing things such as reading, doing homework and actually spending their time trying to understand it, getting organized, and simply just doing productive things, can make them an overall successful student. These are people who usually get better grades or can be seen to show that. On the other hand, people who do things such as relaxing all the time, not doing homework, or rushing it to not get a LaSalle, not studying for upcoming tests and quizzes, can affect their performance as a student.

But according to the definition of leisure time, to sum it all up, it basically means spending quality time away  from necessary things. It gave example of things such as eating and sleeping, but people like Sosa like to spend her time doing things like that. Actually, in general, many people, especifically teens nowadays love doing things like that.

Spending time alone is a way that leisure time is spent. Especially since so many Pritzker students claim that Pritzker “does too much,” and people are constantly paired with others or are made to work as a group, they sometimes want to be by themselves or surrounded by their family or/and friends, people they actually know.

All the breaks that students are given are over the weekends, during holiday breaks,  sometimes after school, and when there are days where we have no school. Over all, if Pritzker students are always present, they spend an average of about 40 hours at school, plus about 20 extra hours doing homework. So all in all, Pritzker students are averaged and required to spend 60 hours a week doing school related tasks, and they want to spend time doing actual relaxing and fun things outside of school. Students do not have much free time but when they do get free time they appreciate it and enjoy it as much as they can. Students usually spend time with friends and family or alone. Students wish they had more free time to themselves. Although Pritzker College Prep leaves a lot of homework, some students have as little as 30 minutes to one hour of free time.

But there is not really anything that can be done about this problem other than time management. As Pritzker students, we are taught to be “college ready” and be prepared for the real life when we become adults. Instead of school in the future, it might be jobs and homework will be depended on the kind of job you will have. It may also not be as strict in the future. We will not be asked to keep doing things, like now in high school. We will have to make sure we do it ourselves and we have to push ourselves. There will not be such things as La Salles, demerits, and detentions. Instead, it will affect our ability to keep the job or maybe how much we are being payed.

Students may hope that one day they will have more free time due to less homework. The homework that is given to the students is to prepare them for college since Pritzker College Prep is based on a college level curriculum. Students may complain about how much homework they get but at least they will be college ready.

Every student has a different perspective on their free time, and every student has a different way on how they spend their free time and who they spend it with.

Students do not get a lot of free time due to homework and when they do, they usually just relax and as in the book The Seven Habits of Highly Productive Teens they sharpen the saw.