What really goes on in my mind?

Sebastian Ortega in deep thought. Photo credit: Katie Curtin

By Sebastian Ortega ’18

Cuando me preguntan algo en Inglés a veces primero pienso la respuesta en Español porque casi no se decirlo en Inglés.  I struggle because I have a difficult time translating. For example, when a teacher picks me to speak, I get really nervous, and sometimes I don’t know what to really say because every single student stares at me awkwardly. That is the reason why I look away from all of them and think of an answer and try to translate it, so it can make a little sense, para que me entienda mejor la maestra.

What really goes on in my mind when they ask me something? I sometimes get a little distracted, and I get afraid of asking my teacher to repeat the question, but I think it would benefit me to start asking because I don’t want my grade to drop. I asked Andy Estrada, a sophomore, who’s also learning English, y me dijo que él también se pone nervioso, porque él apenas está aprendiendo el Inglés. La otra pregunta que me dijeron era: ¿Como aprendí el Inglés? Pues empecé como al medio año del séptimo grado, pero era un programa que se llamaba “Rosetta Stone” y me ayudo un poco porque me enseñaban con fotos.

I started to use that program the rest of seventh grade and also in eighth grade they had me practicing my English; however, I still struggle on answering teachers’ questions because I don’t know if my responses really make sense. The reason why I’m afraid to answer something is because some of my teachers will make faces, ask, “What are what are you saying?” or say, “be clear in your response.” La razón por que me tardo mucho a responder es porque trato de traducir mi respuesta en Inglés.  Y lo que empeze hacer para mejorar mi Inglés es ponerme a lerer un poco de Inglés para ir mejorando. Well when I first started to learn English is kind of a problem because sometimes people didn’t really understand me what I was really saying. And that made me a little worried because they might have thought I was too Mexican for that school, but when the time started to pass by I started to get a little comfortable because I started to work with the Spanish teacher because she knew a lot of English and she  taught me to speak a little English.