What is your favorite season?

Jennifer Segura Fall is here and the leaves of trees are turning yellow.

By Jennifer Segura ’20

There are four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Some may prefer cold weather and some hot. Ultimately,  it all comes down to what activities you may enjoy doing, and how they can be done depending on the weather. That is why some people have favorite seasons in particular.

Elizabeth Gutierrez, a sophomore, stated that her favorite season is “autumn because the weather is chilly and holidays start to kick in.” Similarly, junior Cristal Zenon said that she likes fall because of the “colorful leaves and the chilly weather.” Windy weather seems to be more popular than hot weather.

Zenon commented that during fall she enjoys going “out to coffee shops and hang out with friends.” Gutierrez states that she enjoys going out and have fun, “I go to pumpkin patches, haunted houses, watch scary movies, eat and drink limited edition things, etc.” Gutierrez enjoys doing things related to autumn that are fun and that she enjoys.

Gutierrez added that she is pleased with autumn because she hangs out with friends and goes to “Halloween related festivals.” Zenon, states that she likes fall because it “is the time to wear hoodies.”

If their favorite season did not exist, would they still be happy with the other seasons? Zenon explained that she would still be okay with the other seasons, specifically winter. Zenon also said that she prefers the cold weather rather than the hot weather. Likewise, Gutierrez stated that she would also be okay with the other seasons because “winter comes along and it’s basically the same, except with Christmas related topics.”

Both Gutierrez and Zenon have similar opinions regarding their favorite season. They both like fall and they both like to hang out with friends. They, also, prefer chillier weather and if fall did not exist, they would still be okay with the other seasons because winter would still be available.

Some people may like hot weather but other people, like Zenon and Gutierrez, enjoy the colder, chillier weather.

There are different activities to do during those four seasons. During the summer, many people go to the beach, festivals, carnivals, and do cookouts. During winter, people go ice skating and even go see zoo lights. In the fall, people go to haunted houses and coffee shops. In spring, people spend time outside. Besides doing activities during the seasons, holidays are also part of the seasons and are celebrated. These holidays include Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, and New Years, and even The Fourth of July. Fall and winter have the most holidays. Also, fall and winter is a chillier and colder type of weather.