What are sophomores doing in anticipation of the SAT?

By Cristian Gutierrez ’21

As sophomore year comes to a close, junior year is approaching the class of 2021. This new group of students will need to prepare for the SAT, which comes along with junior year.

Students take the PSAT as practice for the SAT. Jason Sanchez, a sophomore, believed that the PSAT is really useful because it “will help me prepare for the SAT as the SAT is one of the most important tests that colleges look at.” Sanchez supports the use of PSAT as it is “helpful for freshmen and sophomores.” Other students have similar opinions on PSAT. Josue Garcia, a sophomore, mentioned that “in order to be successful in the SAT, you need practice, which the PSAT gives.” Garcia explained that taking the PSAT gives students an idea as to how the SAT might look like.

Students are offered a variety of  ways to help prepare for the SAT. For Garcia, preparing for the SAT means to “study old material” in order to get a good score on the SAT because he understands the difficulty of the exam itself. Also, one of the factors that colleges take into consideration is the SAT.  According to Sanchez, he is preparing for the SAT by “making sure to understand every topic covered.”

Jose Aguilar, a senior, explains that the SAT is an important  exam because “it determines what colleges you get into and how much scholarship money you get.”

Seniors have already taken  the SAT. These seniors put a lot of effort into their SAT, as they knew it could affect their future immensely.  According to Aguilar, colleges are looking for a high score on the SAT because colleges believe that these students are ready to take on the challenge. Aguilar recommends for sophomores to “take the interim seriously” because it serves as  a good practice.

The SAT has been proven to be a challenge to many sophomores. Sophomores try anything to best prepare for the PSAT. There are many effective ways to prepare for the SAT. At the end of the day, the score received is what makes everything worth it. Having a good score on the exam, can ultimately get students into well recognized colleges that will provide students with many opportunities. Many students have gotten into great colleges due to their high scores and GPAs. The SAT is not the only thing that colleges look at, as they look at GPA, community service and etc. However, the SAT may influence their decision. PSAT is a way that helps students get ready for the SAT.