Wetmore takes the lead

By Lesley Solis ’18


Andrew Wetmore, Baseball and Basketball head coach goes out of his way for Pritzker sports events. During every sports season, Wetmore has the chance to write about the final scores and how the team was playing during halftime.  

Wetmore decided to create a facebook page in order to get more people into the Pritzker Athletics Department and build more school spirit. Not only that but he would like to give credits to Ricardo Lozada, Physical Education teacher at Speer, because he got the idea of making this page due to the ITW Speer Facebook page.

With the agreement of Mark Rychlik, Physical Education teacher and Football coach, he decided to make this Facebook page and show off the Pritzker sports and their scores. Wetmore is not available to attend every sporting event as he states, “I am not able to attend all games because some games tend to be on the same day, but I try to attend to as many as I [can].”

Wetmore does this out of his heart as he states, “I do this because I like seeing the students I teach play their sport, and I know they like seeing familiar faces cheer them on as they go. When I was in High School, I was always inspired by my teachers coming out to see me play.” Wetmore not only goes to Pritzker events because of the Facebook page, but he has always been a teacher whose loved going to see his students play as stated by Destiny Torres, senior.

During Basketball and Baseball season as there will be multiple games going on and perhaps on the same day, Wetmore has strategically made a plan as he states, “I will try and have a manager, or a coach that has my cell phone number text me updates from the game if I may not attend.”

Wetmore also has his struggles with the Facebook page as he states, “When teams are having a great week, the page blows up but when there are no games or the team is not doing at their full potential, there are no more followers following the page or any interactions, which is what I want at the end of the day.”

“I’ve always tried to not bring work home with me, I am sure most people know I am here a lot of hours, my time at home I want it to be reserved for me but this year it has been different because it is either me texting managers, or coaches for information on games and trying to keep up with the games.” Wetmore has managed to spend many hours at school and outside of school in order to keep students, and people outside of Pritzker updated on the events going on in the Pritzker community.

Although Wetmore has missed many Pritzker sporting events, when asked if he would of liked to attend the sports he missed he instantly responded saying he would like to go to every game.
“Get on Facebook like, follow and share Pritzker Athletics, give some love to fellow classmates, and be noble.”