Volaris: Where time flies

Comparing flights time and cost between Volaris and Aeromexico. Photo credit: Cristian Castillo

By Cristian Castillo ’17

Considering that you save on average $100 or more compared to other airlines, you get to Durango (DGO), MX from Chicago (CHI) incredibly faster compared to other airlines, and it is way more convenient, the Volaris airline is ideal when it comes to traveling.

If one were trying to fly from Chicago, IL to Durango, MX, Volaris airline would be the ideal way to go. According to Expedia and a quick search on Google, a flight to Durango from Chicago, on a round trip, — meaning you would fly there and then be flown back according to how you buy your tickets — would cost you about $400/person with Volaris. However, if you were to fly with Aeromexico on a round trip, it would cost you about $600/person.

Volaris airlines claims that their direct flight, meaning a non-stop flight from CHI to DGO, last about fours hours, but it actually lasts about three hours, — from my experience — so you get there even faster. On the other hand, if you fly with Aeromexico, their flight takes up to 12 hours because it is not direct flight, rather they fly you to a different part of Mexico and from there, you wait a few hours and then get flown either to DGO or a different part of MX, depending on the route you buy.

All in all, Volaris is much more of a convenient flight to invest in. You save tons of time and money, which are two things that are very valuable in today’s society.  The only down side to Volaris, is the fact that it’s a fairly long flight, yet if you get hungry and want food, you have to buy the food. Additionally, you can only buy this food with credit/debits cards or Mexican currency, which is the peso. No USD are allowed to be used. However, once you get passed security at the airport you can easily buy some food and actually take it on the plane to eat; or, you can actually change your USD to MX currency to use on the plane.

All in all, Volaris is the way to go for a quick and affordable flight.

  • Volaris only flies from  and CHI and from and to DGO on Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • The only airline with a direct flight from CHI to DGO
  • Snacks (you pay for them on the plane) offered on plane: Takis, Sandwiches, soda, water, etc.