Varsity Volleyball girls demolish Rowe Clark

By Ismael Sanchez ’17 

The Varsity girls have been playing their hearts out. On Sept.  7, the lady jaguars played against Rowe Clark in the Pritzker gymnasium. Winning both sets, 25-10 and 25-18.

Although Rowe Clark scored the first point, it was their last sense of hope. The Pritzker varsity team then took the lead by 7 points. Pritzker then took control of the whole game. Team confidence grew at a rapid rate for the jaguar team, which destroyed the team spirit Rowe Clark began with.

Breanna Varela, a senior in the varsity team that has played all four years, explained, “I am extremely proud of my girls today. Everyone out there encouraging each other and demonstrating their love for the sport is a feeling one is unable to describe. She also implied how being out on the court one last season is heartbreaking, but she knows she will try her hardest to play in college and continue to play her heart out every time she steps in the court.

Javier Romero, a senior who records every match for the lady jaguars, did it for the first time, and he explained, “Watching the game from up here is indescribable. The intensity seems to change. I see the ball bounce from one side to the other and the effort shown from all the girls on the court is truly is amazing.

As soon as the game ended, Varela believed that having a small crowd for games like these is hard to have the girls motivate themselves, but it also helps them improve their communication and motivation, which is one of the most important things any team can have.