Varsity Volleyball girls defeated by Rauner

The Pritzker volleyball girls hitting the ball.

By Ariana Lopez ’18

The Varsity Volleyball team lost to the Rauner girls on what was called a “painful” game. The game took place at Pritzker from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Oct. 5.

The lady Jaguars began their game with their routine stretches to prepare for a intense game.  After head coach Emily Driessen left to work at a different school, the girls expressed a struggle on keeping positive attitudes. Starr Lewis, a junior on the Varsity team, explained having to “force [herself] into a mindset that this is just a game.”  None of the ladies had an idea on how the game would play out.

As the first game came to an end, the Pritzker ladies won that set with a finishing score of 25-23, with Rauner right on their heels. Despite the impressive blocks from the other team, our ladies kept a stronghold.

Our volleyball team, which was missing five girls at the game, pulled through with a series of jousting and blocks. Lewis also said, “we had to switch up rotations and we had girls playing positions they had never before.” Varsity team manager and junior Krystal Flores  stated, “what the girls need to do is reflect on what they’re doing and what they are supposed to do and figure out how to do it.”

Nearing the middle of the second game, which Rauner took with a surprising score of 18-25, senior Jennifer Caraballo made an amazing block, earning Pritzker a point. Diamond Joseph, a junior, had great passes that allowed the team to get further.

As the third game began to wrap up, there was hope for Pritzker as both teams were tied. Nearing the end, Rauner broke the tie and was in the lead. Due to Pritzker’s outed serves, Rauner took the victory.  

Flores also touched topics on the team’s mindset. “One thing that I believe they need to improve is their mindset when losing a game,” stated Flores. Flores also stated that the team has been prioritizing “team building and connection[s].” In terms of the outcome, she also expressed being surprised due to the fact that Pritzker has beaten Rauner several times.

Senior Zyanya Acosta expressed feeling “proud” of her team’s overall performance. To this, Flores would also agree. Flores added feeling proud over their improvements. “I have seen this team [at] its lowest points and high[est].”

Junior crowd watcher Sophia Gomez stated being “impressed” with the team’s overall performance. “The crowd never sat down, and the girls definitely played her hearts out,” added Gomez.

And just like Acosta, Gomez, Lewis, and Flores we are all proud of our Volleyball team. This is only a stepping stone into a successful future. Way to go, girls!