Varsity Girls’ Soccer team win the Noble League for the fifth consecutive time

Pritzker Girls Varsity holding their hand with a 5 for their 5peat. Pc: Noble League Photographer

By Michael Barcenas ’20 and Melany Salgado ’20

On May 4, the Girls’ Varsity soccer team faced against Noble Street for the Noble League Championship. The game started around 12:15 p.m. Pritzker was going for their fifth consecutive Noble League Championship.

During the regular season, Pritzker had beat Noble Street 8-0. Pritzker had gone undefeated in the Noble league with their record being 10-0. This being the second time that the girls go undefeated in the Noble League. Noble Street kicked off the game with the ball.

Very early in the game Pritzker was able to score. The first goal was scored by sophomore, America Calvario. Citlaly Leyva, a sophomore, was the one who gave her the assist to score the first goal.

With Pritzker already having more ball possession, they were  more closer to scoring. One of Pritzker’s Captains -senior- Keyla Romero was able to  score the second goal for Pritzker. Now, Pritzker was taking the lead early in the start with the score being 2-0.

Pritzker had possession since the start of the game. There was a penalty given to Pritzker, so they can seek for their third goal of the game. Calvario took the penalty kick for Pritzker but, unfortunately, missed the penalty kick, keeping the score still 2-0.

Later on in the first half of the game, Pritzker was able to score their third goal of the game. This time the goal was scored by Calvario. This being her second goal of the game.

Towards the end of the the first half there was a player from Noble street who got injured, and the referees stopped the game. The player who had got injured was Noble Street’s captain.

At halftime, the game was 3-0 with Pritzker having the lead so far.

During half time,  the girls had huddled to talk about their play for the second half of the game. At the end of their talk, the girls did their cheer, and the coaches called out a line that will play the second half.

With the Pritzker girls having already scored 3-0, they started off the second half with a strong defense, which helped them not get scored on by the Noble Street girls. A few minutes within the second half, Romero had scored the first goal of the second half. With this goal, this would leave the Pritzker girls at four and Noble Street at zero still.

Priscilla Pena, a junior, gives her insight of how she felt during the game. Pena says, “How I felt the game went was that we all played really great from communication, passing, and running the plays.”  

Noble was beginning to be a little aggressive because of how they kept on pushing some of the Pritzker girls on the ground constantly. Even with Noble’s aggressiveness, the girls still managed to play fair and not get to Noble’s level.

After a while, Leyva scored on Noble Street now making it 5-0. The crowd was cheering on the girls for making their fifth score.

Pritzker kept taking control over the game, which led to their last two goals of the game.

The game ended with the score being 7-0 and Pritzker taking win. They were the Noble League champions once again!

Stephanie Solis, a junior, talks about how she feels about the season almost being over. Solis says, “I feel sad players that i’ve played for three years in a row are leaving.” Pena also shares on how she feels about the season almost being over for her. Pena says, “I feel very sad because I enjoy playing with everyone on the team so I’ll miss practicing with all of them.” Both players mentioned how they will both miss their teammates because the season is almost over.

Denise Jimenez, a junior and  one of the captains for Pritzker, explained her thoughts on how the game went, “I think the game went pretty well. I know we played our best and left everything we had on the field.”

Jimenez also stated, “The good things about the game was that we had good communication, our passing, and that made it way more easier to score. The bad things or areas that we struggled on were that we waited for the ball to get to us, when we had to go look for it and also playing at a very slow pace most of the game.”

This is the third time Jimenez wins the Noble League. She has won on every year ever since she was a freshman. Jimenez stated, “It feels good to keep the record going. It feels exciting because since freshman year me and the team have won.” Jimenez is proud of how the girls on her team have played this game throughout the whole season. Jimenez reflects on how she personally did in the game and she stated, “I think I played well, there were moments where I struggled, but I had to just get my head back in the game.”

A sophomore, Joanna Bahena, a varsity starter for Pritzker explains her thoughts on how the game went, “Well I think the game went well, but it was not as exciting as last years. I personally think I played okay, but I could have done better.”

With the game ending with 7-0, the Pritzker girls celebrate their championship win with a dark blue Noble Championship shirt.

The girls’ season is not over yet. As Jimenez hopes to go the farthest the team can go this year. She is hoping sectionals or even all the way to state championship.

With on of the key players and captain graduating this year that being Romero. Jimenez stated, “Although losing one of our best players, I definitely believe we can take the Noble League again next year.”

Another difficult thing the team will struggle next year is adapting to not having Romero on the field and not having Coach Espinoza as a coach.

As the girls seek to go the farthest they can in their IHSA games, they will continue to practice for their first IHSA game of the year, which will be against Clemente on May 10 at 4:30 p.m at ITW. The girls will try their best to see how far they will end up going this season.