Varsity Girls’ Soccer successful win vs. Speer

Group photo after victory vs.Speer PC: Coach Meyers

By Skylah Martinez ’21

On Tuesday, March 23 the Varsity Girls’ Soccer team took the “W” against ITW David Speer Academy. The game took place at the Speer field at 5:30 p.m. This was the team’s sixth game so far this season; it was also their first time facing Speer since the Noble championship game last year, which they also won.

The game was expected to be an intense one since Speer is known to have competitive sports teams; however, their team seemed to have had a shift in their skills from last year to now.

Consequently, they were not able to score at all against Pritzker. Nevertheless, they had good defense during the first half. This season, almost all of the games Pritzker’s Varsity Girls have played were shortened because Pritzker was winning by a great amount. In soccer, when one team is taking the lead by seven or more and the other team has zero, the referees cut down the game time for the second half.

Despite their streak for dominating the first half this season, Pritzker’s girls played a full game. The score at the end of the first half, was 4-0 with Pritzker taking the lead. Since their score was below seven, they played a full game. The reason for Pritzker not getting more goals was due to Speer continuing to steal the ball and many foul kicks. The girls’ soccer has only had one loss so far; every other game they’ve played, they’ve won. The final score was 10-0.

Jaylene Llamas, a sophomore, is playing her first year of varsity soccer. At the game, she scored two of the first three goals. When asked how she felt about making those goals she said, “I felt amazing!” She went on talking about how those were her first goals made during a game this season, so she was extremely proud of herself. She also mentioned that the team has been great for her so far: “[The players] are all amazing people and so are the coaches, we have all bonded in the most miraculous ways. It’s just something worth being a part of.”

     The girls have been practicing non stop this season. They even had practice right before this game. Coach Luz Espinoza has been really pushing the team. A lot of the players from last year have left to college, so there are new faces on the team. This has led to the team working more and practicing harder to grow chemistry on the field.

      The team has had a winning streak of 4 years at the Noble conference. Since they are known to win it, it only means more to them this year to not lose their rep. The only loss the girls have taken this season was against Walter Payton.

      The team has really been killing it this season. With their reputation of being winners and the support of Pritzker fans, the Noble conference is looking pretty good for them.