Varsity Girls’ Soccer beats Bulls

Bulls and Pritzker girls running to get the ball.

By Michael Barcenas ’20 and Melany Salgado ’20

The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team played against Bulls College Prep on April 4 at Humboldt Park. The game started around 5:15 p.m. This would be the second time Pritzker would face Bulls. The first game against each other, Pritzker  took the win 11-0.

The weather was seemly cold; Several people brought blankets to keep warm or several layers of sweaters. The floor was very muddy to walk on.  With it being very cold out, the girls still managed to play and win against Bulls.

During the first half of the game, America Calvario, a sophomore, had scored the first goal.

The girls had so many chances to score another goal, but the Bulls’ goalie successfully blocked each and one of those attempts, or the girls would either kick the ball too high or go to the side. They were struggling for most of the first half.  After the many attempts that the girls had, sophomore Citlaly Leyva scored the second goal, which is later followed by the third goal by Calvario. Calvario and Leyva were the ones that continued to make the following goals. The goals that were scored by Calvario and Leyva all happened in the last couple of minutes of the first half. The first half of the game ended with the score 5-0, two goals from Leyva and three goals from Calvario. Calvario had a hat-trick in only the second half.

When it was half time, both of the teams had huddled up to talk about strategies for the second half of the game. While talking about the strategies, some of the girls got water or got warm by doing some warm ups.

With it now being the second half of the game, the coaches called their starting eleven and the game began. Denise Jimenez, a junior, kicked off the second half with a goal of her own making the score  6-0.

The girls from Bulls had also made some shots on Pritzker, but Pritzker’s defense was too good and did not let Bulls score. The girl’s defense was on point based on how they were able to avoid Bulls to get close or be able to score.

The crowd was shouting and cheering when Pritzker scored on Bulls. There was even a group of girls from another team cheering for Pritzker. They also got hyped when they saw the defense on both of the teams.

While the game still being in the second half, Leyva was able to score her third goal of this game. With this goal made, the girls were at 7-0. The crowd was cheering and hyping up the Pritzker team for scoring on Bulls.

Minutes later Coryama Vilchis, a junior, scored, which made the game 8-0.

Bulls had seemed as if they quit after the eighth goal. Even the score being 8-0 the Jaguars did not want to stop scoring, as they had more attempts to try and score more.

Even with the game almost coming to an end, there was more and more people coming to see both Bulls and Pritzker.

Finally, towards the end of the game, Vilchis scores again, which now made the score 9-0.

The game ended with the score being 9-0, as Pritzker was able to take the win again against Bulls. With this the Jaguars are still undefeated in the noble conference. Their record in the conference is 8-0-0 and overall it is 10-0-1.

Jimenez gives her thoughts on how she thinks the game went, “I think the game went okay, but at the start we were not playing like we usually do. We started very slow but then started to get back on how we usually play.” Leyva also gives her thoughts on how the game went, “ The game went good we started playing a little rough, but as the game progressed, our team got the handle of the game.”

The first time Pritzker faced off against Bulls, they won 11-0 and the second game they won 9-0. Pritzker was able to take the win again, but not like the first time.

Jimenez stated her thoughts on playing Bulls again, “ Playing them twice was both difficult because we would already know how they play on the field, but then they can switch their style of play and that may become more difficult for us.” Similarly, Leyva also gives her thoughts on playing Bulls again, “ I think playing bulls again or any other team twice gets difficult for us because the other teams may know how we play on the field.”

Playing a team for the second time is always a different game because they know how Pritzker plays.

The season is going pretty well, but Jimenez stated, “Games like this, we need to be prepared to play in this type of weather, communication, and not starting the game at slow pace.” Leyva stated, “We need to know how to play in this weather because it made us struggle in today’s game.”

As Jimenez, Leyva, and the rest of the varsity team still have the rest of the season, they hope to stay undefeated in the conference.

The girls have their first Pepsi Showdown game on Saturday, and they will try and remain champions for the tournament.