Varsity Boys’ Soccer lose to ITW Speer Academy

The soccer players are going after the ball. Photo credit: Anna Cortina

By Anna Cortina ’20

The Varsity Boys’ Soccer team  played against ITW Speer Academy on Sept. 25. The game was located at ITW Speer Academy. The game began around 6:30 p.m. and ended around 7:40 p.m.

Before the actual game started,  each team had one side of the field to practice. Pritzker was practicing passing the ball to other team members, trying to score goals, and the goalie tried stopping the goals from going in.

The first half of the game began and was a total of thirty five minutes. The first player that tried scoring a goal from Pritzker was Ramon Ramirez, a junior. A lot of people were cheering for Ramirez when he had the ball and was trying to make a goal. Ramirez almost managed to make the shot, but the soccer ball went just a bit too high and ended up going over the net. Axel Gutierrez, a junior, was able to make a nice steal of the ball. Although Gutierrez made a nice steal, an Itw player was able to steal it back. Richard Ramos, a junior, was the goalie, and he managed to stop the ball from making a goal. ITW was still able to make a goal a couple minutes after, making the score zero to one.

A consistent player was Gutierrez. He managed to steal the ball quite a few times from the another team. He also made some pretty impressive passes to some of his other team members.  It seemed like there was consistent movement throughout the whole first half of the game.

Before starting the second half of the game, both teams had an eight minute break. The Varsity Boys Soccer team was in a huddle during this time, while ITW was practicing their shots and passes.

The second half of the game began, and it was a total of forty minutes long. Gutierrez was still in for the second half of the game and was still making some impressive steals. Michael Barcenas, a junior, was put in after not being put in for the first half of the game. Emmanuel Santoyo,  a junior, was also put in after not being in the first half of the game. Both players seemed ready to play in the second half of the game. The ball kept going back and forth, but then ITW was able to make another goal, making the score zero to two. Unfortunately, Pritzker did not end up winning. The final score was zero to two, meaning ITW won.

The team seemed to have put in a good amount of effort. Gutierrez said, “I think that my team did put in effort into this game, but the conditions we played also made it harder for us to play.” It was raining pretty hard during the first half of the game, but the rain was not as strong during the second half of the game.

Mariana Canizales, a junior, attended the game and stated, “I feel like they all tried their best and gave it all they had, even though they didn’t win.”