Varsity Boys Beat Rauner  

Players going towards the ball to seal it and score a goal.

By Melany Salgado ’20

The boys played Rauner College Prep on Sept. 9 around 11 a.m. at Jackson Park. The final score was 3-0.

The weather was seemly cold and a bit windy. Most of the people in the crowd had their blankets and sweaters on since the game was so close to the lake. Even with the breeze, the crowd was able to cheer along as the Pritzker Jaguars successful took the W.

During the first half of the game, the boys were  having a civil game, just passing the ball around. Everything changed when Ramon Ramirez, a junior, made the first goal. The ball was going toward the goalie. Ramirez ran as fast as he could and was able to kick the ball quick enough to score the first goal.  The crowd was shouting with excitement that the Pritzker Jaguars had made their first goal. After that, the team tried making other goals but Rauner’s goalie had successfully blocked them. There had been some incidents where the opposition had been a bit aggressive, especially the defender.  

Richard Ramos, a junior, explains how he was able to prepare mentally and physically before this game. Ramos said, “I prepare before the game by clearing everything in my head. Also physically, I prepare by warming up, running, stretching, and taping my fingers and wrist”.

During half time, the coaches from both teams had gathered their players to discuss the game and some strategies. The team was able to rest a bit and prepare for the second half.

In the second half, the coaches switched some of the players that were on the first half. After several minutes into the game, the coaches had switched three players and one of those players was Ramirez. Having Ramirez back on the field had given the team a chance to score again and they did. Ramirez had scored his second goal. There were a few times where there was some frustration with the players because of things like missed opportunities to score multiple goals or something as simple as getting the ball from the opposition.

It was around the third fourth of the game, Ramirez had finally scored his third goal. Everyone was cheering and saying Ramirez’s name multiple times. Everyone on the Jaguar’s side was filled with joy that Ramirez alone had scored three goals. There were still a few moments when the opposition  had been too frustrated that they started being a little more aggressive with the defense. There was also a few moments when the opposition had a couple of their team players get injured.

Ramirez talks about the end results of the game, “The result against Rauner was good, but there’s definitely things we need to work on, and we must be ambitious for more, no matter what.”

The boys had communication out on the field that helped them win the game. With this, they’ll have even more wins and have a chance go to the championship.