Varsity Boys’ Basketball team makes it to the playoffs

The senior basketball players posing at senior night PC: Jennifer Rivera

By Jennifer Rivera ’17

The Varsity Boys’ Basketball team went against Noble Academy on Jan 31. This game was very important for the boys because it determined whether or not the team would make it to the playoffs. Not only did this game determine if they went to the playoffs, but it was also a big night for the senior players due to it being Senior Night. The game was very nerve-racking for the boys as well as for the audience. The senior basketball players were acknowledged for playing this season and for playing in the seasons of the past years.

The boys won against Noble Academy with the score of 75-25. Automatically, the boys were in for the playoffs due to this win. In order to make it to the playoffs, the team had to be at least in sixth place of the Noble Conference.

During the season, the boys had their ups and downs. The record of the team so far is seven to fourteen with Pritzker having the seven according to Ryan Palmer, head coach of the Varsity team and Chemistry teacher. The next game that determined whether or not the boys continue to stay in the playoffs was against Baker, which took place on Feb 18. The boys still had other games in between. They played against Clemente and Noble Street that week, but these games do not count for the playoffs.

Joel Vargas, a senior on the team, mentioned, “The season overall went pretty good. We had our ups and downs, but we are able to prevail and make it to the playoffs.”

Gustavo Márquez, a senior player on the team, stated, “Our team grew together as one. We had guys step up and take leadership. We made sure everyone had each other’s back. We became a family and that bond is something that propelled us to be in the playoffs and a position to make a deep playoff run.”

Senior Oscar Chairez stated, “Going to the playoffs is a great feeling knowing that you’re doing something that past Pritzker teams couldn’t do.”


The players’ favorite memories of the season:

Senior Oscar Comas stated, “My favorite memory of the season is when I scored 19 points with 5 three pointers against Johnson College Prep.”

Vargas stated, “My favorite memory of this season was winning at senior night. Due to it, we made it to the playoffs.”  

Senior Jorge Rivera stated, “My favorite memory was winning on the day of Senior Night since now we made it to the playoffs. It was an amazing feeling.”