Varsity Boys’ Basketball defeat Noble Academy

By Anna Cortina ’20

The Pritzker Boys’ Varsity Basketball team played against Noble academy on Feb. 11 in the Pritzker gym from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

Before the actual game began, both teams had some time to complete their warm-ups. Some of their warm-ups consisted of practicing their shooting, passing, and communicating. 

During the first quarter, the Pritzker Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team started off strong. The Pritzker Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team began the first few minutes off in the lead.  A senior, Angel Rubio was called into the game to sub. in for Jonathan Rodriguez, a senior as well. Sincere Smith, a sophomore, was passed the basketball, and he was able to make a two-pointer. After a few minutes, Pritzker called a timeout. Marcel Alfaro, a junior, was able to make four free throws after one of Noble Academy’s players was called out for a foul.

In the second quarter,  Jacob Rodriguez, a senior, was able to make a free throw shot. Shortly after, Rodriguez made a two-pointer. Within the final minutes of the second quarter, Julio Acevedo, a senior, was able to make a three-pointer. 

During half time, the cheerleaders came onto the court to perform. The cheerleaders performed their usual routine. The routine they performed recently won them the title of CPS champions and champions of the Noble Network. After the cheerleaders had finished their routine, each team had a total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to practice more before the game resumed.

In the third quarter, not too much went on. It was mostly a lot of going back and forth with the basketball. Each team was trying their best to have a strong defense, which is why they kept going back and forth with each team. 

In the last quarter, both teams seemed to be putting in the most effort because the score was really close. The Noble Academy boys’ varsity basketball team was catching up to Pritzker within the last quarter. Rodriguez managed to make a two-pointer. Moments after, Acevedo also made a two-pointer. Even more impressively, Rodriguez was able to make another two-pointer after a few minutes of the last quarter. 

The final score ended up being 47 points from Pritzker and 39 points from Noble Academy. Overall, the Pritzker boys’ varsity basketball team tried their best in this game and managed to take a win.