Valentine’s Day: How Pritzker students celebrate the day of love

Box of Valentine's day chocolates

By Mauricio Rodriguez ’19

On Feb. 14,  Pritzker students, single or taken,  celebrate this day filled with love and joy with friends, boyfriends, and/or girlfriends. The halls are crowded with delight as some receive gifts on this day; many would celebrate this day differently at home.

On Valentine’s Day, many celebrate this day differently than others. Sophomore Marisol Rivera stated that she would spend V-day with her boyfriend and simply hang out together and also do homework. Meanwhile, sophomore Leslie Bustos mentioned that, “My plans for Valentine’s Day is nothing special, just to do homework.” Therefore, both students would include homework as part of their V-Day plans. Many students spend V-Day receiving gifts, buying chocolates, and spending time with each other, some students spend this day differently at home.

Bustos stated how her home celebration only involves her dad buying her mom flowers. Rivera, similarly, adds on by saying that the home celebrations include “the adults go[ing] out.” Based on how she would like to spend Valentine’s day, Rivera mentioned, “to spend time with the special ones you love.” Bustos adds on by saying how she would too like to go out and spend time with loved ones. Therefore, both students would love to celebrate V-Day with the people most closest to them.

As many enjoy this holiday by buying flowers, going out to eat, or spending time with family, many students have  developed different views on the true meaning of this day. Bustos said that Valentine’s day is the day to “appreciate one another” because it’s not only a day only for couples. V-Day, according to Bustos, is to appreciate the people who have been loyal, caring, and loving to you. Rivera, similarly, stated that V-day is a day to spend time with “family or significant other.

Although many loved Pritzker’s flower sale for Valentine’s day, some students have expressed what they would like Pritzker to do for next  year. Rivera stated how she would want PCP to “sell more items like flowers, chocolates, balloons […]” She also mentioned that it would help the school raise money by selling more items. Bustos stated that she would like to do an advisory activity rather than  what they usually do everyday for V-Day.

According to, Valentine’s Day originated from many legends. One legend states that a priest, named Valentine, would conduct several marriages to couples who were young, which was illegal. The Emperor of Rome at the time, Claudius the second, had Valentine sent to death after Valentine was discovered breaking the law of conducting young couples’ marriages. then stated, “By the Middle Ages, perhaps thanks to this reputation, Valentine would become one of the most popular saints in England and France”(

On Feb. 14, many celebrate or acknowledge Valentine’s day differently than others, but they all seem to realize that it is a joyous day filled with genuine love.