Universal pre-K, we should care

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

  By Zayalize Garcia ’17

          Every Child deserves to have a head start in education, therefore Universal pre-k should be available for every child.

          Preschool allows children to have a head start in social interactions and problem solving skills. Students in Preschool are able to learn right from wrong, share and cooperate, to work together, take turns, and follow directions. Kids learn that sharing is important and helps children interact more easily with other kids when playing and working in groups. “There’s an intense amount of brainwork going on.” stated Mary Harvey, an author on reasons to attend p-k at parent.com.  Some activities kids do in preschool are problem solving, which allows the kids to learn simple problem solving skills. She also explained that “Young children learn through play and creative activity[…]Preschool is also a time for developing good learning habits and positive self-esteem.” Children need room to grow and understand things on their own. They need motivation to continue to feel that education is important and beneficial to them, which will  make children want to find ways they can learn that leads to them absorbing the most information. When kids are together they motivate each other to try and to do their best. That’s why it’s important to be in an environment that can teach them proper behavior and make them ready for school in the future.

             Making pre-K universal leads parents to think of pre-K as important, raising expectations for the learning experiences in pre-K.My son was learning much more at preschool than he had at daycare… The diversity of the school has also been instructive.” said Laura Moser, a blogger on new york times. Preschool kids start to learn little things that parents might to be busy to check such as colors, numbers, spelling little words, and to communicate wants and needs verbally.

         Though some will say that it will cost taxpayers more money and be time consuming to send their kids to pre-k, many parents are able to have a proper work schedule, which saves them from stress and is overall beneficial.  Also early education is better and will lead to a stronger generation of smart kids who will someday be the leaders of the county and less likely to need public assistance, therefore it’s beneficial to everyone.

            Support universal pre-K and prompt the board of education and your local schools as well to take action. Everyone would benefit from universal pre-k, so speak up and let their voice be heard.