Ultimate Frisbee tryouts

Ultimate Frisbee tryouts

By Jacqueline Martinez ’20

Ultimate Frisbee tryouts started on Feb. 20 at Pritzker from six to eight p.m.

At first, the coaches had separated the boys and girls from each other, creating two separate groups. The girl group started off at the gym and were focused on having space in order to throw the frisbee in a smooth way. Coach Jess and Sami, as the students call them, were demonstrating how they need to have space without moving a foot when you have the frisbee.

The girls started by throwing the frisbee with their partner to get prepared for the tryouts. Both coaches advised the girls to practice throwing doing a launch at the same time to have an idea of how it goes. The girls practiced for 15 minutes to see how it worked and the idea of it.

After they were done, they went up to room 307 to have a talk about getting to know everyone that was trying out. The coaches played some games in order to get the conversation going. Many girls were having fun because they had the chance to know more students from different grade levels and were comfortable by the end of the first game.

Once the coaches had an idea of what the girls were like, they started to work out with three laps of monsters timing themselves, which took them three minutes. Then, the workout continued with 10 burpees, butt kicks, marios, wall sits for 30 seconds, jump squats reaching on top of the lockers, and sprints. Many girls were tired due to the monsters lap, but everyone managed to try because of the support they had by the other girls and coaches.

Jared Rivera, a sophomore, mentions, “The thing that motivated me to play was that it is something new that I have not played. I was very competitive on everything I do and so I will stick to this sport since I am committed.” Rivera wants to show commitment towards the team because it is a competitive sport and that is what students like. Rivera mentions how Ultimate is new to everyone including him and not many people would try it out. Rivera recommends people trying out.

Rivera mentions, “Well of course I am looking forward towards the season, Ultimate is highly competitive when you take it seriously. It is also fun when you really do not know how to play because you commit to yourself to try your best!” Rivera wants to try his best during the practices because that will improve the way that he will play when the games approach.

Rivera explained how he has been playing Ultimate competitively for two years now. He was a beginner at first, but he loved it to the point that he decided to keep playing Ultimate.

A sophomore Valery Buendia mentioned, “I found out about Ultimate when I had summer school for PE. I played and I really liked it because it was fun and new to me.” She was not sure what or how the game had to go but when she learned more about it she enjoyed it and decided to keep playing Ultimate.

She manages to finish her homework by staying focus when she has study hall, class work time, or when she finishes her class work early.

“Ultimate is pretty fun and you get to meet new people that might be my favorite part,” mentions Buendia. She knows she is shy but gets to know more students and that is her favorite part.

Buendia stated, “Yes, I am looking forward to Ultimate season because I enjoy throwing the frisbee and playing the games.” Buendia enjoys playing since she has been introduced to the sport.

Buendia has been playing for a year now. She explains how she did not know much at the beginning but now knows a lot more and is ready for the season.