“uknowhatimsayin¿”: Danny Brown’s warped piece of art

Spotify screenshot of the album, "uknowhatimsayin?"

By Jesus Guerrero ’21

Danny Brown, the Michigan rapper known for his alternative style in hip-hop and rap, has released his new album “uknowhatimsayin¿” on Oct. 4. Brown has been known for his witty and dark takes in his lyrics, as demonstrated in his previous album, “Atrocity Exhibition.” “uknowhatimsayin¿” consists of pleasing alternative instrumentals, excellent features, and an overall melodic listening experience.

Brown implemented new instrumentals that have an almost near psychedelic feeling on a lot of the tracks on this album. Songs like “Change Up,” “Belly of The Beast,” and “Shine” all have that recognizable and different sound that sounds very pleasing. These instrumentals fit the song beautifully, especially with background vocals accompanying them. A prime example of this is on “Shine,” a comforting song with a continuous oozing sound. This song could not be more fascinating than with the help from accompanying artist, Blood Orange.

Speaking of Blood Orange, the features on this album are executed excellently. Blood Orange’s verse in “Shine” helps complete the excellence of the track itself. Rap group Run The Jewels also appear in this album on “3 Tearz,” with almost aggressive verses throughout the song that complete Brown’s vocals. JPEGMAFIA also appears on this album, with unforgettable lyrics on the track “Negro Spiritual.”  The lyrics seem to fit this previously mentioned almost psychedelic theme in the instrumentals. It all flows smoothly and allows the featured artists to make such a heavy impact on the album.

Overall, this album is very much exceeding any standards. It’s an album with a ton of different high qualities and playable songs. Not to mention the amazing features on this album, which don’t carry but actually even out the verses from Brown himself; this is always a good thing because some albums might be carried by their features however some do not.

However, it is often criticized that the sound on this album is constantly repeated and most of the songs sound the same because of it. This is pretty false due to the different but yet similar styles each song has, depending on the instrumentals and featured artists themselves, which is what makes this album outstanding. 

All of these listed qualities make up the album’s excellence, even as Brown begins to get older. But yet again, Brown executes all of it well and pleases his fanbase with another quality album since his latest release in 2016.

  • Released on Oct. 4
  • 11 songs on the tracklist 
  • Genre: Hip-hop/Alternative rap