Toon Blast: A Colorful Dynamite

Toon Blast: A Colorful Dynamite

By Dulce Zagal ’20

Do you enjoy games that have a variety of colors and have no kind of interruption? Do you like to be challenged in anyway possible? Well, Toon Blast is the ideal game for you. Toon Blast has a colorful background, challenging levels, and no ads. 

A colorful background is what most people like to see in a game app because it brings attention to the people. When you enter the game, the background is already colorful. There are different colors because certain levels have different themes. For example, on level 451, the theme is construction which is why there are three characters on top of a building. Themes go from birthdays, construction, watermelons, etc. I enjoy the colorful background because it looks attractive to play, unlike other games. Personally, games are better when they vary in colors.

Additionally, the game itself is colorful. Each level requires you to beat it in a different way such as breaking jelly cubes with only a certain amount of moves.

The levels get challenging when you get to higher levels because you get three objects to break with certain amount of moves. For example, in order for pinatas have to be broken, rocket ships or bombs have to hit it three or four times. Furthermore, you can be asked to break three pinatas, wood blocks, and jelly cubes with 35 moves. Also, rocket ships can only be made up of six of the same color cubes combined. In addition, bombs are made with nine of the same color cubes combined. Rocket ships and bombs can also be bought  or can be given because of the daily reward. Personally, when I get challenging levels and I can not pass them, I get frustrated. However, I know that levels are going to get harder as I get to higher levels and games should not be easy to pass either.

Toon Blast is one of the few games that has no ads. When you pass each level, there is not a single ad that pops out. Game users play each level without interruption of any kind. Even when you enter the game, there is no add to bother. Personally, I hate ads and wish that every game could be played without ads interrupting.

Some people will say that Toon Blast is expensive: “I will admit that this is a fun and addictive game; however, Peak has obviously tweaked the game, to where it becomes extremely expensive to play, on a regular basis.” I know we only get five lives but you can request lives and other players can give you some. Toon Blast is not expensive unless you start purchasing item after item. If you run out of items, it is your decision whether or not you want to waste your money and buy items. I think levels can be passed without the use of rockets, bombs, gloves, etc.

  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Cost: Free
  • In-App Purchases: $0.99-$99.99