Tommy’s on Grand: Delicious burgers and Italian beef

Tommy’s on Grand: Delicious burgers and Italian beef

By Guillermo Martinez ’22

Tommy’s on Grand offers burgers, Italian beef sandwiches, milkshakes, ect. Tommy’s on Grand is a place with kind employees, old school decor, and fresh  food.

Tommy’s on Grand has very kind employees. The cashier was greeting the customers as they walked into the line to order. The cashier lady would greet with a smile and a very kind voice. She would ask the customer if their order was right and if they wanted everything the meal included. After every customer had ordered, she would tell them to enjoy the rest of their day with the same welcoming voice and a smile. 

Tommy’s on Grand has an old school decor that gives a warm vibe. The tiles on the side was a very old school vibe. The posters that were on the walls are very pleasing to see and interesting because some of them represent their drinks. Tommy’s on Grand has a few tables and chairs but many more booths. It is a very small but very comfortable restaurant. 

Tommy’s on Grand has delicious food. The Italian beef sandwich is a very cheesy sandwich that many people crave it.  There was a table very close to the cashier, and people were able to see how the employees would prepare the food. The Italian beef was fresh and tasted good with the whole meal. The ingredients consisted of onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup, and tomatoes.

You have the option to choose cheeseburgers that include so much more or entirely different beef sandwiches. It is based on the customer’s choice, so the customers were able to take some of the ingredients off or put more. The fries that were included in the meal are small size, but the burger is enough to get a person full. The vanilla milkshake tastes like your typical vanilla ice cream and it is very great. In addition, the milkshake lasted and did not melt within the first 10 minutes. 

According to negative reviews, “They were not customer friendly. They are gouging their customers!” “The lady that was the cashier was very friendly and did not give an attitude and was very friendly”. I would encourage people to go to Tommy’s on Grand because, during my experience, the cashier lady was patient when one of the customers was not entirely sure what they wanted to order. Tommy’s on Grand also includes different types of delivery and is only in specific areas. That can also be checked by calling the restaurant or their website.  

  • Location: 6001 W. Grand Ave. 
  • Phone: (773) 745-3444
  • Hours: Monday -Thursday 10 am to 12 am, Friday and Saturday 10 am to 2