TikTok: Has this popular app taken over Pritzker students?

TikTok: Has this popular app taken over Pritzker students?

TikTok has been jumping off the Pritzker walls like crazy.

Renegade, Say so, Sugar, and Vibes. A few popular songs that sophomore Bryce Sandoval and sophomore Sarahi Navarrete listed. TikTok has become a very popular app with 500 million users as of right now. Sandoval’s reason for downloading TikTok was that “[she] wanted to become famous.” While Navarrete said, “I downloaded it as a joke because people were into it.” Two different reasons for downloading this popular app, yet two people relate to the same situation.

Navarrete explained that she spends two to three hours on TikTok, which is similar to the amount that Sandoval spends on TikTok. Though Navarrete went on and said when she has no time towards screen time she only spends 30 minutes on TikTok. A TikTok watcher or creator spends an average of 52 minutes on TikTok per day. 

“Yes, I get distracted from homework by TikTok, mostly it’s notifications,” stated Sandoval. TikTok has a lot of power over Sandoval with just its notifications. Navarrete also agreed that the TikTok videos were taking away time from her chores and homework. TikTok is distracting students from their schoolwork and the duties they have to complete at home. Does this make you wonder if you are addicted to watching TikTok videos?

Sandoval explained that he does not consider himself an addict, “No, [I don’t consider myself an addict] because I can stop when I want to.” On the contrary, Navarrete considers herself a TikTok addict. She explained that she believes she is an addict because she stops doing things or activities and it is hard for her to refocus her attention to her school and house duties. 

Sandoval and Navarrete mentioned some of the people they watch on TikTok. Some TikTokers are Charli, Avani, Chase, Anthony, and Jayden. They are popular on TikTok and come up on some ads. Sandoval started watching and making TikToks a year ago, while Navarrete started simply watching TikToks at the beginning of the summer. TikTok has been up and running since 2012 as musical.ly, but it then converted to TikTok in 2016. Since then, TikTok has not stopped growing its viewers and creators over the four years that it has been updated. 

TikTok has been on the rise, catching the audience’s attention and drawing people’s attention to downloading the app in the first place. TikTok is not going anywhere anytime soon by the looks of some perspectives. For now, it is taking a staycation at Pritzker College Prep. Who knows for how long.