“Tiger King”: A shocking Netflix series

By Marina Frayre ’22

“Tiger King” is a Netflix series with seven episodes that has interesting characters, the reality of the murder case, and thrilling features.

This docu-series is about Joe Exotic, who has an obsession with exotic cats and his rivalry with Carole Baskin who is an animal activist. This then escalates to him being charged with murder-for-hire plot and wildlife violation, sentencing him to 22 years of jail.

The characters are very interesting starting from how they get the job. Joe finds his workers by going out in the street and looking for people who have no other opportunities in life. For example, people who have just been released from jail. These people are the best for the job because according to Joe, they would work harder since they did not have another place to go.

Joe had employees ranging from drug addicts to released felons. He had employees who had no legs and accepted an employee back even after her arm was amputated, which is insane. Joe did not judge and wanted to give opportunities to these people.

Joe and Carole have a rivalry because Carole is an animal activist and wanted to take Joe’s exotic zoo down. Carole did not agree with keeping the tigers captive.

Joe soon became intensely paranoid and began to believe everyone was out to get him. Joe had an internet show in which he would act as if he was killing Carol, or how he would kill her in the future.

The show was thrilling because it had unexpected turns. It gave you curiosity to see if he would actually end up killing Carol. During the documentary, it shows Joe showing over and over how he would kill her, yet soon towards the end, it informs you that he hired a hitman to kill her. This was very unexpected because Joe always presented himself as wanting to her himself without any hesitation.

It all makes you wonder if he was actually the person he presented himself on TV. Some might argue that the series is a waste of time but I disagree. I think the show is really good at showing the reality of tigers in zoos and how Joe got to be so paranoid.