This Is Us: An emotional roller coaster

This is us: Episodes

By Rosalia Lopez ‘18

This Is Us first premiered on Sept. 20 on  Tuesday. It started with lots of emotion and was anticipated by many who watched the exciting trailer. The show is about a married couple in the 1980s, Jack and Rebecca, who were going to have triplets, but as Rebecca went into labor, there was tension due to the fact that there was a risk of one of her babies dying. At the end, Rebecca losses one of her babies and this is where the story begins.

 Apart from this couple, there is also another baby, Randall, who is abandoned at a fire station by his dad. As Randall enters the hospital, Jack notices him and immediately wants to adopt him to replace him for the death of his triplet.

Years later, there are images of how Jack and Rebecca struggle to raise their two sons and daughter (Randall, Kate, and Kevin) together. There is also the problem that Randall, the adopted son, is African American and the rest of the family is white. This causes problems between the two siblings, Kevin and Randall, as Kevin has a hard time accepting Randall as a brother because of the difference in skin color.

In the second episode, Randall, Kate, and Kevin grow into adults. There are flashbacks of their parents and also when they were younger and growing up to give some context.

I would really recommend this show because it has just started and you can keep track of it every Tuesday. Also, it is very emotional and you can connect to it because of the difficulties that the characters experience.

This show touches on subjects like racial discrimination, weight, and family issues, but that is what makes it good, because you can see that everyone experiences difficulties in life, but they don’t give up. In addition, a perk of watching this show is that it airs on NBC, so you can watch the episodes for free on their website until 2017.

  • Can watch for free in NBC. com
  • Show Time: Tuesdays at 8/9c
  • An American TV Series