The White Helmets: Heros That Will Warm Your Heart

The White Helmets description as presented by Netflix. Photo Credit: Rosalia Lopez

By Rosalia Lopez ‘18

What is The White Helmets?

The White Helmets is a short film/ documentary that films the lives and work of volunteers in Syria and Turkey. These volunteers risk their lives everyday to save civilians hurt by bombings and violence in the Middle East.

The White Helmets documentary has won the Oscar for Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject.

Why Should you Watch This Documentary?

The volunteers introduced throughout the documentary explain their lives; they explain and describe the reason they volunteer to save lives of children and adults in Syria even though they risk their lives every time they help someone in a dangerous situation.

As you watch this short film, you are going to experience sadness, heartbreak, and anger. At least that was what I experienced.

I guarantee that you are going to shed tears watching this short film. As you watch, you see real everyday events that happen in Syria. Events that we are not informed about because they are not shown in the news industry.

Throughout  this documentary, the fimers show when the volunteers break down seeing the damage that bombs cause when they are dropped by airplanes. Watching this documentary will make you want to learn more about the situation that is going on in Turkey, Syria, and the Middle East overall.

Facts about the White Helmets and the Situation in Syria and Turkey

  • Barrel bombs – sometimes filled with chlorine – are the biggest killer of civilians in Syria today.
  • The White Helmets volunteers and neutral rescue workers have saved more than 99,220 people from the attacks in Syria.
  • The White Helmets motto is taken from the Quran: ‘to save a life is to save all of humanity’.

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  • 7.6/10 rating
  • 41 min
  • Available at Netflix