The Ultimate Historian

The Ultimate Historian

By Briana Jimenez  ’18

Who is this person? Hmm. Let’s give a few basic facts, it is a he. He loves basketball, he cooks, reads, watches TV, hangs out with friends, discusses current events on his free time,  just like a normal human being.

He is a history teacher at Pritzker with his alive classrooms filled with not only jokes, but with history books aching to be opened. Hungry to teach his students mad facts about how the world they live in developed. He yearns for his students to become strong writers, readers, and analyzers. What’s the goal? To have his students grow three points on the ACT, and have his AP students get a score of at least three on the AP exam. He wants his students to be “confident of their own abilities.” Now let’s get serious here. While being in his composition class last year, I not only grew on my English score on the ACT, but as a student with my voice in his classroom. I would always stay in my comfort zone. This teacher helped me step out. Cold calling, constantly asking me questions in front of the class, teaching a lesson as if a teacher, and his ultimate “taking risks” poster, made me scream in his classroom.

This is currently his ninth year teaching. He taught at multiple different schools, but Pritzker was unique. He wanted to teach at a school with discipline among students so he can focus on giving students an good education. At one of the high schools he taught at before, Farragut High School, he stayed in touch with one of students. He said the student became valedictorian of his class, and the student would always email him essays, speeches, etc. The student wanted to get into Yale, but unfortunately the student did not get in. The student did get into Illinois Institute of Technology.  At Pritzker, this teacher explained that he bets that student would have got into Yale. He explained in his interview that “In my experience at two CPS schools, they have a limit, a ceiling,” and you couldn’t help the students crack open the ceiling.

Well, why did this particular teacher go from a composition teacher to a world history teacher? He stated that history was his major in college. It is his favorite to teach, and has a passion for it. When he was first hired at Pritzker, they needed a composition teacher so he was down for the game in hopes that he would soon get the opportunity to teach history at Pritzker as well. Well, who is this historian I’ve been ranting on and on about?

The man that will soon make history, Charles Rosentel.