The U.S. can’t handle coronavirus pandemic

The U.S. can’t handle coronavirus pandemic

The local and state governments have been putting in the effort to stop citizens from contracting the coronavirus, but it seems as though the spread of this virus isn’t in the government’s hands but in the people’s.

On the other hand, the federal government has been doing the complete opposite from the expected response. Many lives could be saved if the state governments in the U.S. would cooperate with each other to solve this problem.

The federal government could easily enforce certain procedures that would keep its citizens inside during the quarantine unless they need to get necessities such as food and supplies.

Local and State government

With the number of people infected and death tolls rising because of the coronavirus in Illinois and the U.S., J.B. Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, has already issued a “stay-at-home” order. This order is planned to last to at least April 30th. 

However, we are making an assumption that this order is going to last a lot more longer, especially because the U.S. has become the #1 country in the world with COVID-19 cases (207,000 confirmed cases) as of April 1st, 2020.

The stay-at-home order would be an amazing idea if people actually listened, but the arrogance in the citizens is insane. It seems as though the numbers are going to keep rising, and the number of people not caring is also going to rise.

Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, issued that schools in Chicago remain closed until mid-April in order to prevent spreading the disease even more. However, this would be subject to change depending on the situation during that time.

As of March 27, 2020, the number of confirmed virus cases in Chicago is 1,489, and the number of confirmed cases in the state of Illinois is 3,026.

These numbers are crazy to think about because it seems as though the people don’t care at all about the wellbeing of themselves or others. The state and local government should not just try to stop people from going out of their houses, but actually do something about it. Fine people or give them warnings. I don’t know; they know more about what to do.

Federal government

On March 27, President Donald Trump signed a bill where the money would be sent to families. Families would receive money depending on annual income. Not only are families receiving financial aid, but hospitals and small businesses are too. This aid is meant to help families and employees who are not working and live paycheck-by-paycheck to survive. This is, for a fact, “the largest economic relief package in U.S. history.”

The Federal government made a wise decision in passing this bill because it is going to help many families who struggle economically; however, they should’ve made the bill available to everyone rather than just citizens. Right now is not the time to focus on just their certified citizenship to the US; right now is the time to try and stop the spreading of this virus, united. The government also has to think about immigrants. This financial aid is only for citizens of the U.S., not immigrants. Immigrants won’t be able to live during this pandemic since they have no job and are not receiving help from the government. Over two million undocumented people are not receiving this aid and are questioning how to live during this pandemic since they live paycheck-by-paycheck. Many people have to provide for their families and children in order to survive, and, when undocumented residents don’t get as much money as well, economies in states like Illinois with a large undocumented population will suffer the most.

Many companies are already paying their employees in their time out because of this pandemic, and with the extra money from this bill, it assures a stable home living for them. Companies won’t have to worry about reproduction or distribution because this bill is going to make sure that they have enough to moneyto give to their employees. 

Citizens of the U.S.

The citizens in this nation don’t seem to understand the dangers that this virus has and could cause to people you interact with. Citizens need to take precautions in what they’re doing in order to make sure that they don’t put their family or friends in danger. 

Here’s an example that shows that the people in the United States don’t care about their well-being: There’s an influencer who posted a video of himself doing a Tik Tok challenge called the ‘coronavirus challenge’. This person licked a toilet seat at a hospital, and he tested positive for the virus. 

Sorry, but that’s just dumb; they are only doing this to gain some measly follows and likes on their posts or even to get attention. You shouldn’t let your ignorance and arrogance affect the health of your family or others.  There are just two simple steps that people need to follow in order to stop the intense spreading of this virus: stay inside and practice social distance. Staying inside would prevent you, if you’re infected, from contaminating other people and spread the virus quicker. Social distance is extremely hard to do; you just have to stay away from people (keep your distance). The only reason why anyone should really leave their house is if they need food since the grocery stores are still open during the quarantine. No one should be leaving their house to visit anyone.