The triumphant return of The Jonas Brothers

The triumphant return of The Jonas Brothers

By Mauricio Rodriguez ’19

While many did not expect it, students were stunned to see the return of The Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers is a boy band that consist of three members: Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas. Since the band was last together six years ago, having them return has been a dream come true to their fans. In this article, students from Pritzker College Prep express their overall thoughts and feelings about this news. 

Based on their initial reaction to The Jonas Brothers coming back, senior Victor DeJesus stated that he felt “really excited” since they were a band that he “grew up listening to.” The band’s return brought up feelings of “nostalgia” and “childhood memories” since they were popular way before the teenage years began. Similarly, senior Karla Merida mentioned that her initial reaction was confusion and doubt. She said that because she “saw a post on Facebook” about the return, Merida had to search more into it and was surprised to realized that it was in fact true. 

So now that the band is back together, what do students hope for? DeJesus mentioned that he hopes that the band “takes over mainstream music.” This way, the band would become more popular than ever by always being on top of the music charts. He also added, “I want them to get credit [that] they didn’t receive back in the day.” Additionally,  Merida added that she hopes that there are more songs besides the one they just dropped called “Sucker.” She overall hopes for an album to be released as well.

While there is all this excitement about The Jonas Brothers’ return, students share out why this is important for teens like them. Merida responded by mentioning how this takes teens back to the old Disney Channel days. Thus, having The Jonas Brothers back is a great surprise since most teens  grew up watching them. Also, for Merida, she stated that going back to the old times is a great feeling since it reminds her of the “good times.” Senior Ana Gallardo said that The Jonas Brothers’ return is important because it is music we can all “connect” and “relate to.” Also, Gallardo mentioned that their music is “very upbeat”, “keeps listeners interested”, and it is “always something new”, so it is a great source of music to listen to aside from the others. 

While the breakup of boy bands tend to have a sad impact for fans of their work, it is a reunion or a return where fans are overwhelmed with emotion. As The Jonas Brothers’ return to the spotlight, many fans, especially teens, are excited. Seeing how The Jonas Brothers not only represent a popular group from back in the day, but they also represent the good old days, their return causes a feeling of reminiscence about the past. Despite dropping one hit single as of the moment, fans hope to listen to more of their music content for the upcoming future.