The “tea” on advisers leaving

By Samantha Ortiz ’20

Many advisers will not have an advisory next year. As well as many advisories will get new advisers. The list of advisers who are leaving are John Planisek, Will Kaplan, Daniel Selan, and Jeff Watkins. Chris Biddix, however,  will be getting a new co adviser. 

All these teachers have different reasons for why these changes are being made. Planisek wants to continue with his education to become a dentist. Kaplan wants to continue his education as well to become an assistant principal. Watkins wants to become a history teacher, and Biddix is getting a higher position in the school.
When an adviser announces that they are leaving, there are many emotions students have. Kaplan-who has a junior advisory-explained,  “it’s a little sad not disappointing [to tell my advisory I’m leaving]. We’ve been [together] for three years.” For Kaplan, it may have been a tougher circumstance to leave since his advisory have been at Pritzker for the same amount of time. They were new to how Pritzker runs their school, and were able to create a bond.

Advisers do have an input when it comes to who the new adviser will be. Kaplan explained that he was able to tell the administration who will be a good fit, but he cannot indefinitely say that is the person he wants. They bounce ideas off of each other prior to coming to a conclusion.

Kaplan said, “I think they  [are] fine. They were surprised a little bit but there were no tears. I think they’re anxious to see who their new advisor is going to be.” The Kaplan advisory took the news with a grain of salt. No one seemed to be upset at the news and they are happy for Kaplan to be pursuing a new chapter in his life.

Last year when Sabrina Lee, a prior chemistry teacher, announced that she was leaving her advisory did not take the news as well as the Kaplan advisory did. Lee’s advisory became very emotional and they did as much as they good to enjoy their last moments with her. 

Planisek told his advisory from the start that he was going to be leaving to pursue his education therefore no one is surprised that he will not be here for their last year. In order to remember him Planisek’s advisory has been designing shirts in order to be able to remember him. 

When Selan announced to his advisory that he would be leaving it was a big shock. Selan has been at Pritzker for a very long time so no one would have thought sooner or later that he would be leaving.