The struggles of alumni Noemi Luna after PCP

A part of the university of Northeastern Illinois University that is called “The Golden Eagles Nest.” Picture credit: Noemi Luna

By Mauricio Rodriguez ’19

After graduating from Pritzker College Prep, alumni still face difficulties as college students. While many feel that transitioning from high school to college means leaving behind some of the struggles of school, alumni have faced new obstacles or brought them from their high school years.

When asked about  some of the struggles she faced, former Pritzker student and graduate of the class of 2013, Noemi Luna, stated that it was difficult for her to adjust to an independent life as a college student. She would then mention how she had to struggle learning to get help on her own since she no longer had the support of Pritzker with her. Luna mentioned that another struggle she went through was asking for help. Luna said, “It took me a while to realize that I should ask for help because the resources are available.” Luna would add on how students should learn that it is okay to ask for help. They should not remain to themselves and “swallow their pride.”

The final obstacle that Luna felt she had great difficulty after graduating from Pritzker was keeping in touch with her high school friends. Based on how not keeping her connection to her friends affected her, Luna stated, “I would have benefited from staying connected with others since I didn’t have anyone from Pritzker in college with me.”

But despite the many struggles, Luna shares what she could have done to avoid it. Luna said that she felt that she should have kept in contact with someone in Chicago, so she would not feel distant from her friends. Also, based on her struggle of asking for help, Luna stated, “I should’ve also not waited so long to look for Pritzker staff help. It would’ve changed my struggle.”

While everyone sees struggles as a setback in life, Luna had a different view on her own struggles. She felt that her struggles did not set her back, but they only benefited her. Luna added on by saying,  “All struggles benefit us. They help us learn that mistakes can be made but that they can also be corrected.”

Luna concluded by giving advice about struggles and how to face them to future PCP graduates and overall students. She would tell the students that despite the struggles they are facing, they should remain focus and “keep the end in mind.” Luna left off by stating, “Never lose hope and remember that you have a great support system, so use it!”

While graduating from Pritzker does not necessarily mean that the students will never face struggle again, Luna has proven that one can face a struggle but overcome it as well.  Future PCP graduates should not view their obstacles as a wall, but must see how they can break through the wall in order to continue living their lives.