“The Sporkful:” A fun podcast for eaters

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By Adamaris Reyes ’19

Have you ever wondered why we are so obsessed with food? Regardless of what type of diet we follow, our love for food always shows when we indulge in tasty and delicious concoctions. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there’s a podcast that focuses solely on FOOD! The  host, Dan Pashman, focuses on different food topics, like “Picky Eaters,” and children creating their own “food creations.” Even with all the humor involved this podcast is serious about their food because when food is involved they don’t mess around.

As you put your earbuds on and press play to this fun podcast, you are greeted by this playful song which suddenly takes you to the voice of the host, Pashman. At this point, Pashman talks about the purpose of this podcast, because while it may seem like a pointless podcast the reality is that this podcast is all about enjoying the art of eating food and to “learn more about people.”

One of the recent episodes I listened to was “Kids’ Weird Food Creations.” This episode essential focus was on how over the years parents have been figuring out how to get their picky children to eat. If you have a sibling or know someone who is a picky eater, then you have an idea of the challenges that are faced with picky eaters.  So what are parents doing to stop picky eaters from being…well, picky? One mom that was interviewed shared her tactic: Use a veto. For one week her child was given a meal, and he could veto his food, only once per week. However, if he ate everything given to him for a whole week he would receive a golden ticket, and a total of four golden tickets gave the child a one-way ticket to the movies. It’s amazing to see hear the crazy things parents have to do in order to get their children to eat, like some sort of negotiation between a child and an adult.

The fact that this podcast solely focuses on food and eating can feel like that the podcast is losing its credibility but really it’s not. It includes many perspectives from people who can relate to the theme of the episode. In this case, moms and even children shared their ideal food combos. If you happen to listen to this podcast, listen to what these kids have to say.

Overall, I would say that this podcast is great to listen to whenever you want to listen to something new. I did not get bored often with the episodes they created because the episodes focus on interesting topics that aren’t talked about on a daily basis like “The History of Cereal and Milk” or “When Celery was more important than Caviar.”

“The Sporkful” has been praised by many listeners. Listeners are calling it “amazing,” “funny, interesting, and relaxing.” Without hesitation, I would agree with these listeners; the creative topics, the people interviewed, and the crazy experiences that are told bring this whole podcast together. So search up “The Sporkful,” press play, and “dig in!”

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