The Pritzker Junior class takes Collegiate Seminar

The Pritzker Junior class takes Collegiate Seminar

By Citlaly Leyva ‘21

Recently, Pritzker was given the opportunity to give juniors a chance on getting a higher score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test and be prepared for college. This program is called the Collegiate Seminar Prep taught by SAT specialists. Juniors will be taking this class every Friday until they take the SAT and on Thursdays after the Interims. 

The Collegiate Seminar Prep will help students improve their knowledge on the SAT. On Fridays, one of the student classes will be collegiate seminar but it will alternate subjects every week and the specialist will work with the whole class on giving tips and tricks on how to perform well in the SAT.  The SAT specialists use an Academic Approach book to guide the students and get familiar with what they might come across when taking the test. 

Eduardo Roman, former Pritzker student, a freshman at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, said, “Even though many people took it as a joke and didn’t do the assignments, I feel that doing practice problems and going through strategies during the class was very helpful.” This is an important class, and it needs to be taken seriously because this class can help the juniors get the score the students need to apply for their dream schools. 

Collegiate seminar is a huge opportunity for students to take advantage of what Pritzker has provided them with because many students do not get the chance to get specialist on the SAT to help them nor get this extra help to perform better on the SAT. This program is beneficial for juniors because most that do not get this opportunity need to get a class with a tutor that can cost approximately $45-100 per hour. 

Junior Omar Miranda said, “The Academic Approach class is actually pretty interesting because we get to know the shortcuts of the SAT and how to answer every question quickly and accurately.” Roman also stated, “I don’t think I would have done so good on the SAT if it wasn’t for the collegiate seminar program.” On the other hand, junior Angelica Sanchez, stated, “I don’t think it is helpful because we only have it on Fridays and there is not enough time to go through every skill [on] the SAT.” 

Collegiate Seminar Prep program will not only help students with their SAT scores, but it will also prepare them for college. During advisory, this class will contain preparing for the college application process, learning how to use college tools, and beginning to work on college essays. This class will prepare the students for what’s to come next in their future. 

Many students might take this program as a joke and it is very unfortunate for these students because it can help them get into their dream schools and also prepare them for life. The more practice you get, the more familiar students are going to be with the SAT, and students will be confident too.