The perks of being twins in high school

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Anna Cortina ’20 and Grecia Avila ’20

Having someone who understands you and has a similar perspective as you do, but  yet has various differences is very rare to find.

Jorge and Jennifer Rivera are one of the few twins in our school. They seem inseparable and extremely close. They view each other not only as siblings but best friends towards one another. “It’s kinda cool to have someone to talk to,” Jorge mentioned. “I’ve been so used to him,” Jennifer added. Throughout the years of being together in school they’ve grown attached to each other.

They spend half of their time together and they never get tired of one another, but at times they do argue for little things. Even though they argue they have a very strong bond. “We yell at each other at random times but when we argue it’s not actual fighting,” Jorge said. They said  a way they get along was towards communication but some people don’t see it that way. “When we argue people look at us like we’re crazy,” Jorge stated. That’s just another way they communicate and get along.

If Jennifer didn’t have Jorge she wouldn’t have anyone close at her age. Being so close in age has made them realize how much they mean to each other. “When I see her it’s like I’m seeing myself,” Jorge said. “She’s not afraid to speak what’s on her mind,” Jorge added. “He seeks self happiness and I want to be able to do the same,” Jennifer mentioned. They admire each other a lot and are known to seek each other’s qualities, “ I say I’m more funny and I like making people laugh,” “she enjoys her time helping others.” Jorge added. In their own forms of ways they share the same qualities. Some differences and similarities they share would be at school or towards the hobbies they do. During school Jorge would connect towards playing sports and joining after school activities, while Jennifer does less of sports and is more intellectual, “ He’s into more sports, than I am,” Jennifer added. Other similarities and differences would be their emotions and thoughts towards others. “We like and dislike the same people,” Jorge stated. Just like they have various similarities they also have various differences.  At times some agree and disagree towards them looking alike, “He would just need a wig and we would look the same,” Jennifer mentioned. Other similarities and differences based on both of them were, for example their gender difference, “She’s a girl and so she doesn’t like things I like doing.” Jorge gave an example of when they were younger and how Jennifer would want to play barbies and girly things, while he would want to play sports and wrestle. Jorge couldn’t do the things he wanted to do with Jennifer because of their differences in what they liked and disliked. Even though Jorge couldn’t do the things he wanted with Jennifer, and Jennifer couldn’t do the things she wanted to do with Jorge they still grew up to be very close. Also even though they’ve grown close they have also grown to be independent. When one of them is having a rough day it becomes a rough day for the other too. “ I feel like he wants to be alone, and that bothers me,” Jennifer said. It also isn’t good when they’re both in bad moods. “When we’re both in bad moods we don’t want anyone to talk to us,” Jennifer added.  As they grow up they still develop to care for one another and their bond as siblings and best friends as well, but even though at certain times they don’t know what they would do without one another they do mention that as they grow closer they also grow closer into becoming independent, “I think we are ready to be alone and independent in the future.” Jorge said.