The New Generation of “Love”

Screenshot of the Facebook app where adolescents share posts that have to do with heartbreak.

By Dania Herrera ‘19

Have you ever thought how the feeling of love feels like? If you have, why are you so convinced it’s love? In today’s generation, teenagers often have the idea of love wrapped around their heads especially when they enter high school. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone or to say the least, people don’t expect it to happen to them. The problem with today’s society when it comes to young love is knowing what one wants and knowing one’s worth. Apparently, it is very difficult for people to do these things and what sucks is that any problems regarding your relationship with someone else can negatively affect you whether it’s academically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Basically, what I am trying to say is that the new generation of “love” is really really messed up.

Many individuals start off with a relationship thinking they are happy and it may actually look like they are. However, over time, things change into something you never expected. Sometimes people are so cruel because they rather keep things from you than tell you straightforward what they want. There are so many consequences coming when someone gets hurt. A study in Cambridge University revealed that “feelings of confusion and hurt as a result of “love” have been documented in early adolescence and children as young as nine.” It’s crazy to see how this generation perceives love as something that isn’t love. Due to this, young kids are even experiencing rejection which affects them emotionally.  People who are much older may state that young love is childish but and in reality, it’s a process which includes the part of getting hurt, learning, and moving on.

Additionally, when a relationship begins to get serious, there will be problems regardless. In a study that analyzes factors associated with repeat suicide attempts among adolescents, stated that it “ found 76% of suicide attempts among adolescents who presented at an inner-city emergency department were related to relationship disputes, including peer, family and romantic relationships.” This emphasizes that relationships affect you emotionally and can have a serious effect on your life. This shouldn’t be happening though. The idea of knowing your worth relates back to this because whenever there is a dispute, you should know who you are and what you deserve.

Young love can be perceived as something really irrelevant but it’s a part of life that helps you grow whether you believe it or not. The idea of learning helps you throughout with future relationships and helps you become stronger whether you believe it or not. Although today’s generation is all over the place, the good thing about this messed up world is that you grow on your own, which is the best gift you can take from your adolescence.