The New Brand 2017-2018 Boys Basketball Team

2017 Basketball team

By Austin Molina ‘18

    With the Basketball season coming up and the team having lost many starters that were seniors, the jaguars are stuck figuring out who will be the new five starters.

Even though having lost so many experienced seniors, that’s not stopping head coach, Ryan Palmer and assistant coach, Chris Duncan looking at the bright side of the season.

As Palmer stated, “We’re gonna be very young this year so we have a lot of growth and the ability to learn new things. And be competitive in a different way then we were last year,”  and Duncan agrees with Palmer and also states, “Yes we lost Joel, a 20 point player, but many other teams lost important players as well. It’s all about scenery.”

With very few returning players mostly juniors and only two returning seniors, there is a lot weight on their shoulder to step up and take charge and help lead the new young team. Both coaches hope to change the culture of Pritzker basketball to make it more serious and people help and support the team.

With try out just around the corner who knows what the team will consist of. Height, speed, strength, no one knows and only time can tell. Palmer and Duncan are ready to change the way they practice for the team they pick out. “If you have a young team with speed but no size you’re going to do a lot of running. You’ll need to be able to run from the first all the way through the fourth quarter. There will be some changes with how practice will be run, but fundamentals will always be most important. The ability to dribble, pass, shoot, and play defense are the same, but the strategy will change,” stated Duncan.

“This team’s gonna work really hard and no one in the conference will work [harder than] us and we will win games base on our work rate,” Palmer predicts will come from this year’s young team.

 “It will be fun to watch, a lot of fun. The games should be hectic and exciting to watch,” stated Duncan about what to expect when watching this new young team play.

Both coaches seem excited for the season, the new team, and plan on working harder. They hope to take them as far or even further than last year.

They are looking at the glass half full with losing players, but also seeing that they are gaining players as well which is great. They have confidence in their returning players and hope they get new additions to the team to help rebuild the team. Should be an interesting year for the varsity team and how they develop throughout the year. Plenty of long night of practice but it will all be worth it.