The Music Effect

Speaker playing music from a phone

By Jose Roa ’20

Do individuals take the precaution of their surroundings when playing music? If so why?

Many have different perspectives on the music they are exposed to mostly by friends and family.   

Al Green, a sophomore, said, “I primarily listen to rap music.” Two artist  Green listens to are Drake and G Herbo. Green stated, “I grew up listening to Drake. I found G Herbo by my brother.”

Green feels like without music he wouldn’t be himself.

When asked if his parents mind the songs he listens to. Green responded, “they don’t care what I listen to on my own, but around them they don’t like all of that profanity.”

Jared Rivera, a sophomore, listens to rap, corridos, and reggaeton. Rivera started to listen to these types of music do to family and friends, “I went to […] school and live in the hood that’s how I came across rap,” Rivera stated, “my father is Mexican and my mom is Puerto Rican. Every party I went to was a different style.”

Rivera listens to music in order to relax and  believes that music influences individuals by helping them cope with their emotions and pursue their dreams.

Rivera’s dream is to one day be a famous rapper, and music influenced him to pursue that career.       

Some songs are not permitted to be played in the Rivera household. Rivera explains that, “The type of music that my parents don’t want to hear at the house are music that has bad words or talk about drugs and violence. Even if there are visitors over.” In addition, Rivera stated, he plays the music that “they like and I like the type of music they tend to play, well not all.”

A sophomore named Bryan Montiel, on the other hand, listen to regional  Mexican music overall. Montiel explained, that he is “not able to put curse words songs but I honestly don’t care because I don’t like them either way.”

Montiel stumbled upon regional Mexican music by family. Montiel explained, “Ever since I was little kid I was always around my parents and that’s all they played and I liked it.” Therefore, the music Montiel plays does not bother his parents.

Montiel finds the music influential by the story the song tells. For example, “some songs are inspirational and some are relatable,” Montiel explains.   

At the end of the day, no one can really stop someone from listening to music that he or she was introduced to. In Contrast,  he or she would have to be aware of their surroundings when playing a specific song because many individuals have different perspectives on different types of music.

Furthermore, everyone is their own person and therefore don’t have to agree with one another.