“The Mandalorian”: An action-packed adventure

This is what you see when you load up the Mandalorian.

By Jaime Aguilar ’21

With new Star Wars movies coming left and right, there was bound to be a new TV show and Disney has fulfilled that role. The show is called “The Mandalorian” and is set after Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983), which is 25 years before the rise of the First Order, the authoritarian regime that is firmly in control of the galaxy when Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) begins. Disney Plus, a new streaming service, released   The Mandalorian on November 12. The Mandalorian has plenty of character development, action, and amazing cinematography.

Character Development

The main character of the show is the Mandalorian, a person from Mandalorian culture. He goes by the name of Mando. The second main character that is loved by many was introduced in the first episode when Mando was tasked to capture a wanted creature. The creature was eventually found with the help of a droid. The creature was actually a baby and Mando decided to kill the droid before it kills the creature. Plenty of people have reacted to this episode because of this baby creature and the media has now named him “Baby Yoda”. No one knows if Baby Yoda is Yoda’s baby but he definitely is from Yoda’s species. The rest of the show is focused on Mando and Baby Yoda. The whole galaxy is now in pursuit of Mando for rescuing the prized possession. Mando is now tasked with finding a safe  place where Baby Yoda can live life freely. Throughout the show, the audience can see Mando being a father figure and Baby Yoda being a troublemaker. 

           The Action

Ever since Mando had the task to capture Baby Yoda, there has been plenty of action in every episode. From entering enemy bases to fending off dozens of bounty hunters, watchers will be satisfied with all the action. With these action scenes, Mando is not the only one that is doing the fighting. When Mando was facing off a creature, he was badly beaten and was about to die when Baby Yoda helped him in a surprising way. Keep in mind that he is “only” 50 years old in baby shape. Mando is not your traditional main character that refuses to get help, if the position of him receiving help opens up, he will take it.  

          The Cinematography

Mando goes planet to planet to search for refuge. On every planet, the audience gets a view of what each type of planet consists of. From desert planets like Tatooine to forest planets, the cinematography always manages to capture the beauty on each planet. 


The relationship between Mando and Baby Yoda is something people would not expect, but will not complain about. Since there are only 8 episodes, there has been some criticism on how each is around thirty minutes long. However, some actually enjoy this format since there is room for only the important scenes. As a result, viewers will not have to worry about filler episodes (where nothing major in the episode happens). 

  • 8 Episodes 
  • Available on Disney Plus
  • Rated TV 14