The Life of a Younger Sibling

This is a picture of the Munoz siblings. They are taking pictures for Monserrat's quince. PC: unknown

By Citlali Sanchez ’21

The life of a younger sibling might be hard because they are always being compared to their older siblings. They might get extra pressure from teachers, students, or even their own parents. However, they always have their older siblings to help them.

Denise Jimenez, a junior, has three older siblings. They are named Destiny Jimenez, Desiree Jimenez, and Danny Jimenez. All three of Denise’s siblings have graduated. Denise said that at first she did “feel different” not having her sister Destiny in school, but then no longer noticed.

On the other hand, Sophomore Gustavo Soberanis does not think the same. Gustavo’s older brother is Ruben Soberanis, a senior that also attends Pritzker. Gustavo said, “Although my [brother] is still here at Pritzker, I know I will miss him.” Gustavo explained that being with Ruben every day before or after school has become a routine. Therefore, next year, after Ruben graduates, things will not be the same.   Another sophomore, Monserrat Munoz, who has two older brothers, also does not mind them that much. One of Monserrat’s brothers, Heriberto Munoz graduated last year, and her other brother is Jaden Munoz, a junior. Monserrat does not see Heriberto anymore but, she mentions that “it is annoying to see Jaden.”

Denise claimed, “At times, I get compared to them about sports or school work or just some things in general.” Denise was referring to the pressure that comes with having siblings who attended Pritzker. Destiny, like Denise, played soccer, which causes comparison between Denise and her, on how she kicks, plays, and leads. Monserrat declared that in school teachers might feel some type of way because of Heriberto: Apparently, Heriberto was not the best students, so teachers might think Monserrat is like him. This gets on Monserrat’s nerves, but this pushes her towards proving the teachers wrong. Monserrat expressed, “I do feel a little bit of pressure due to [Jaden] because he is in AP classes and is very smart.” She claims that Jaden does not even have to try, he just gets things fast. Gustavo in the other hand says “I don’t feel pressure, but I know that some teachers probably have an idea of the kind of person I am based on my brother.” He then proceeds to give an example on how he got compared to Ruben because he did “pretty good in a unit test.” Gustavo also added that his mom supports both him and Ruben equally and that there is no competition.

After everything, these siblings love each other and support one another. All three students expressed that their siblings help them out when they need help.